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    Her's another something new.. and a laugh to go with it!!!
    My dear sweet husband is not really into computers and only just learned how to check email ( not that its hard to learn but he just wasn't interested in anything computer) so anyway he say to me yesterday at dinner - "What's your Luscious Lemon?"
    "huh??" I say
    "your luscious Lemon!" he repeats
    "Why?" I ask confused not recollecting it was what I called this template.
    ""Well " he said "I checked the emails ( Proud of himself) and it said your Luscious Lemon is approved"

    ROFL I had to explain it was my template and SBM sends designers an approval email when work is accepted into the store....
    I just added that I hope his email exploration wasn't "soured" by this experience with a Lemon!..
    and he says He hopes it's "Not a Lemon" (in Australia that means a dud,%2
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    KIT version

    And here is the KIT version too

    available here in the store
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      here is what i did with this gorgeous kit

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        Nicely done Moonbeam I mean the Luscious Lemon.LOL


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          Gorgeous, love the title
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            Here's another layout with this kit.



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              Ah... You can't help but love that sweet Ian! Give him my love and tell him it's not a lemon at all. I think it's gorgeous.

              Dan keeps haunting me for his own email address. I mean, he has to have one now, just like Ian. I keep putting it off. Maybe when I get a letter direct from New York I'll bite the dust and set one up for him. Nothing like being obedient, eh?


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                My hubby doesn't know anything about using emails and isn't interested. The only thing he ever does on the computer is check ebay. That much he does know. But he doesn't know how to pay for it if he wants to bid on something and wins, so he can't buy anything without me knowing! LOL