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Birthday Paper Maker Shapes tut and more

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  • Birthday Paper Maker Shapes tut and more

    Created some fun coordinated shapes to create fast and fun papers for birthday fun and included 42 paper scraps with textures and solids for building..

    This is a tutorial for you to view a quick demonstration on how to use the shapes..Especially helpful to our NEWBIES!!

    This requires you to have Adobe Shockwave/flash to view..It's a free downloadable viewer..

    Will include links when item posts in store..Look for freebie pack when item shows up in store!!

    HUGS ALL!! Have some floral paper shapes coming too!!Want to be sure this tutorial will work for folks and is helpful!
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    This sounds fun. I love shapes. Your tuitorial is not dial up friendly. Maybe I will be able to figure out how to use on my own or you could write a short tuitorial with it.


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      Making TILES in ScrapbookMax

      Hum...Juliascraps...bless you..hum..I'm not sure yet what form is best to use..This is .swf format..I can create in other formats if that will help..These are downloadable and I'm trying to keep them fast and low but good quality on playing and downloading..I do have a directions sheet on the store preview!! Will try pdf file for you too to add to this thread when it comes out!! Thanks for your input!! Can you get YOUTube to play?? I'm uploading this new one there..

      this tutorial is on Making TILES in ScrapbookMax..



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        Here's the link to Youtube

        If some of you are familiar with is the Youtube link for the Solid Color Tiles Tutorial for ScrapbookMax..

        The first tutorial isn't necessary for upload to Youtube because it is directly related for use with item for store purchase..This tut is not..


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          You are one clever lady,,Video was easy and enjoyable to watch,

          Many thanks:O)


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            New Tiles tutorial link

            Here's avi format which works in Windows Media Player..for the Tiles Tutorial..the You tube link had error with upload..oops..learning how to upload there..eek..effort..


            Hoping this is better!!
            Something different for sure!!


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              Here's the download link for the Tiles Tutortial

              Here's the download link for the avi file..which works with windows media player for the Tiles tutorial..


              It's about 52 MB
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                This 4shared file might work for me but I do not have the password it asks for.


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                  Gracious..I didn't even ask for password has a mind of it's own!! So sorry..I'll go fix that!!


                  If this is still password protected..I'll delete and reupload to another file..It is not allowing me any changes..HUMMER!!

                  HUGS and again..I'm sorry..don't know why you are seeing password protection..I try link and it lets me download it..
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                    For sure LINK for avi file Tiles Tutorial

                    Reloaded the avi to be sure this time of avi download..Let me know if you all get a password protected on this..I don't when I do it..


                    thanks for your patience!!


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                      Link to kit in store..

                      Folks it's uploaded to store now!


                      I do have a freebie paper for you to add to this kit but can't post it just yet..Birthday girl has mega stuff to do before her birthday party tonight...eek..but it will get posted here within 24 hours!!



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                        Add on freebie pack to Birthday paper Maker Shapes

                        Whew..slumber party over..daughter went back to bed..LOL..Too fun!! Father's day tomorrow..need to shop for that..and camp on MONDAY!! EEK..

                        Here is the promised freebie fun!! It has the Directions included which you will find in your PAPER scraps section...You can skew it out and read it off to the side of your project!!
                        Also included is a paper set with 2 shapes to use with any colors/patterns you desire..1 background completed in red, white, and blue..July 4!! called CELEBRATE..
                        Also included are TWO revisions of the 2nd Happy Birthday and 4th Happy Birthday..I didn't notice two slight flaws when working with them..The birthday got cut off slightly on second rows..Finally figured out what I did wrong with those images that was different from all the rest..SORRY!!

                        Hope to make all this a SMOOTHER transition next time..have more short videos coming with shapes kit that will give you some tricks and tips for more fun!!

                        THANKS for viewing, buying and downloading the goodies!
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                          more pictures of freebie pack

                          The directions and background are too large for uploading separately..

                          HUGS all!! If you have any problems with the downloads, viewing , etc..please let me know!! HUGS!!
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                            Thank you so much for the freebies & can't wait to check out the shapes in your store
                            hugs Karyn.


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                              Yippee,i have purchased your kit & now going to have some fun thanks Donna
                              hugs Karyn.