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    LMBO!!! I think I am with Letha!! We will stick with Reeses Peanut butter cups!! You can have the Black Gunk!!

    If you spread it all over will it keep the bugs away?


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      Vegemite, is an Australian product, manufactured by Kraft Foods Ltd, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It's dark brown food paste made from yeast extract, used mainly as a spread on sandwiches, toast and cracker biscuits, as well as a filling of pastries like Cheesymite scroll, in Australia and New Zealand. It is similar to British and New Zealand Marmite and to Swiss Cenovis.

      Vegemite is made from leftover brewers' yeast extract, a by-product of beer manufacturing, and various vegetable and spice additives.

      Ingredients are:

      Yeast extract, salt, malt extract, colour (caramel), vegetable flavours, vitamins (niacin, thiamine, riboflavin).


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        well next time we get a mosquito epidemic I will let you know!! lol I don't think it would come off too easy, it might be easy spreadable, but not sure about easy take it offable


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          what gives it flavor? what flavor is it?
          Dark Chocolate is a bit much for me so I don't think a black paste will get me! Yes Kimmy, We'll keep the Reese!


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            Hmmmm.... It says Yeast Extract?

            I don't remember that song, I bet if I heard music it would pop in mind.

            I would have to try it, just to see what it is


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              yeah, I think the girl in the ad had the right idea about using this product! I have to get Leea in the bed ladies. It's been great!


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                Look what you have done Letha!!!! DEanne is going to iopen her emails and see 50 replies to her kit caramel cream!!, she will come to look at all the LO's and get a whole lot of dribble from respected members lol

                WE APOLOGISE dEANNE


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                  oops! SORRY Deanne!!!


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                    lol GOODNIGHT lETHA

                    iT TASTES LIKE............ummmmmmmmmmmm it's kinda bitey, kinda yeasty...........pffft i don't know, I will go and have a taste


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                      WOW!!! Thanks for the Laughs Kaye!!! The Black Gunk was too funny!! I wonder if we can get it here in the states?

                      Yeast and Malt?? Thats beer here.

                      I never heard of this, but hey I would be willing to taste, might not stay in my mouth. But I would try. With some of the critters I have eaten, can't hurt to try your vegemite!


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                        I really could not tell you what it tastes like, but I like it alot, it just tastes to me like fresh bread cause that is what I love it on.

                        You can't buy it al all there??, we have an asian section in our supermarket, do you have an ozzie section lolololol I think you should go in and ask....I would love to be a fly on the wall when you try and probounce it oo!! if that texan guy is anything to go by that i met in Hawaii!! It is said vegeemight


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                          Sorry Deanne!!! But we all Learnt something tonight which all started from a Recipe LO that was Awesome!!!

                          Nite Letha!!!

                          I will be on the Look out for Vegemite now, just to taste.... if not I will try it on the Texas bugs

                          Nite Kaye!!


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                            OK!! I have to go too and do some housework, you girls are holding me up!! lol

                            If you can't get any and want to try I will send you a jar, we have very little ones you could try.


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                              Originally posted by wench View Post
                              Vegemite is black gunk that you usually spread on your toast lol full of vitamin D apparently!
                              Mrs. Kaye!!!! You could be banned from the shores of Australia for a comment like that!!! GUNK!!!??? ( Although you are already nearly offshore living on the edge of Australia LOL)But How dare you denegrate the great vegemite jar of energy and health - a national icon LOL!!! GUNK indeed.... I grew up on vegemite and cheese sandwhiches... I adore vegemite.. nothing as good as butter and vegemite on hot toast in the morning... or on a chunk of warm fresh bread... YUMM!!!FULL of vitamin B's .. again Kaye you failed the test to be Australian ; Question on the what every good aussie should know form is - Q1: what vitamins are contained in a jar of vegemite? You gonged out - you could possibly be deported for that!

                              For you guys who remember Granny from the forum... I sent her a sample pack of vegemite to try... she hated it called it vegemuckus..I guess you have to acquire a taste for it; and it is NOT BLACK... it's a dark brown like dark chocolate only its a paste the consistency of smooth peanut butter..
                              What does it taste like??? very hard to describe but it is a strong taste ; hence you spread it thinly and its quite salty but unique... I hate marmite and dont think they taste alike but again acquired taste I guess.
                              Never had a hershey bar but I love Mars bars...

                              and Kaye! I didnt get 50 emails I only got 1 because you dont get anymore until you click on the first one ya wally - but that comment made me have to check out what youre all saying LOL....Have been away and leave you alone for a while and look what you get up to...


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                                LOL didn't think Vitamin D sounded right

                                OK!! you have to cut me some slack, I am only half Australian !! My father (Dutch) hates vegemite. I can't stand promite.

                                And yes I know you only get one email, but, but you get a little number net to it and it says you have 3 replies, it's in brackets....well i do anyway lol

                                So anyway go and check out my are required to attend!