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Ayers Rock Australia

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  • Ayers Rock Australia

    Heres the new KIT and Template from The GROOVE Custom KIT Idea Competition. The winning Idea was from Robyn Frew A.K.A. rafew. Congratulations Robyn.
    Robyn receieves the KIT and template FREE as her prize and they are both now available to everyone in the store..... watch out for the Custom KIT Idea Competition in the next issue of the Groove Scrapbook magazine... then email me your idea and you might be the next winner of your free custom designed kit
    Ayers Rock Australia
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    also available in KIT form to do you own page layouts
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      This kits works in well with our holiday we had last September/October

      We saw this dingo and I snapped lots of pictures of him and he was very tame.

      The other was when we were in katherine Gorge doing a boat trip through it, it was very beautiful.

      All made with Moonbeams Ayers Rick kit - Available here


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        Beautiful pages Wench. I don't have any Australian photos. Here's one I made.

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        My friends are Angelwithin, Carena, Daydreamer, Dillie1, Eye. Frannieanne, Granny, Janarae, KimmyAnn, ksd_24_f, Marion, Moonbeam, The FreeSpirit and Wolvsie35


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          I have never been to Australia. It is very beautiful. The rock formations remind me of the ones in Arizona, USA.


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            some interesting facts: Australia boasts the largest ROCK in the world ( and I havent seen either of them - must go!)

            A monolith is a geological feature such as a mountain, consisting of a single massive stone or rock, or a single piece of rock
            Erosion usually exposes the geological formations, which are most often made of very hard and solid metamorphic or igneous rock.
            The word derives from the Latin word monolithus from the Greek word (monolithos), derived from ("one" or "single") and ("stone").

            The largest monolith in the world is commonly thought to be Uluru, or Ayers Rock. However, Uluru is only the world's second-largest free-standing single, large rock.
            Its circumference is just over 9km, and it rises 349 metres above the surrounding plain. Only one-seventh of the rock is visible above the ground. The rest lies beneath the ground. It is located in Kata Tjuta National Park 450 km southwest of Alice Springs.

            The largest rock in the whole world is Mt Augustus (Burringurrah, as it is known by Wajarri Yamatji traditional owners), in Western Australia, located inland, east of Carnarvon, and about 850km north of Perth. It is more than twice the size of Ayers Rock. It rises 717 metres above the stony desert, and extends for a length of 8km - almost the entire circumference of Uluru. (Some sources say Mt Augustus is 858m in height, but Western Australia's Department of Conservation and Land Management states 717m.) It does not attract the same tourist numbers because it contrasts less dramatically with its surroundings, and does not have the colour changes that Ayers Rock displays during the days and seasons.

            There is some dispute as to whether Mt Augustus is a monolith or a monocline. A monocline is an exposed slab of rock which belongs to the layer of rock underneath. However, technicalities aside, it would seem that both Mt Augustus and Ayers Rock have a claim for the title of the world's largest rock.


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              Good info there Dee!

              Ayers Rock is truly amazing, I actually wasn't over keen to see it, I though meh...just a rock.

              But it truly wins you over when you see it and climb it, later when I get some time (start my new job today so not much time today) I will put some photos in of the rock, they are on the other computer. The sun in whatever location through the day where it is at just creates all different colours, it is beautiful.


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                yeah, purely off the top of my head of course...
                and hey! I find out on the internet you found a job!!! excellent - I knew it wouldnt take long


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                  Ha ha!! I knew you would be shocked .

                  Oh and we will be in MG on Friday, I will pop over and give you your cd's back