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    Yeah I think you'd all do it with out me, I've seen your layouts Kaye with other kits!! and true, encouragement and commendation is important hey! Not for your ego but to inspire you to do more.. to work harder <so get back to work and do some more> LOL


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      No can't at the moment have to go and buy some catnip!! apparently it is good to plant under rose bushes and there are so many here!!

      Funny story about me pruning yesterday a drunk man came along (7.30am) and started to stare at me and what I was doing....I said yes?? I know I don't know what I am doing and if you have any suggestions please let me know!

      He said I did a horticulteral course last year and you do this, this and this/.... All very good tips for me I must say, anyway he offered to come back and help me after he took his neice to school....Hope he wasn't driving. I politely declined and said I would be inside by that time...he said he would come knock on my door and we could go and do some more......I again said no the sun will be too hot by then. He said I like to help people.....I said and I do too lol. Anway he cut short my mornings gardening!


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        LOL... look out he doesnt bring you roses....quick hide!
        So A drunk man ( at 7.30am) wants to work with you pruning your rose bushes... I wonder if he was sober for the horticultural course he did? I'm working on a kit at the moment called My Precious Rose... I wasnt thinking of literal rose photos but looks like you might have some rose photos to go in the KIT? or maybe a photo of your rose specialist next time he stops!!!


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          LOL..... Ya'll are a Hoot!!!

          Kaye, how could you refuse a Drunk man at 7:30am who wants to do your yard work? I woulda said come on, I will pour the Wine!!! ROTFLMBO!!!!!

          Deanne, Thanks for the Thats Girls!!!! Glad you like looking at the things we do with your Talented work!!!