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4x6 Brag Book Shape Alignment Sets 2 and 3 and freebies!

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  • 4x6 Brag Book Shape Alignment Sets 2 and 3 and freebies!

    Here are two sets to use with any kit! These are fun shape framers/aligners/quick pages/ploppers...for use with paper scraps and your custom shape tool! Although the shapes are 4 inches tall and 6 inches wide..they can be used on larger pages with ease..Mix and match them..whatever need you have!

    Many thanks to KimmyAnn for her great enthusiasm with use of these!

    Freebies are a YouTube screen that does better as an embellishment than an attempt to make a shape for it..and a credit card blank window frame embellishment..Shape in next thread following!
    4x6 Shape aligngment brag book SHAPES Set 2 and3 DLT (4).jpg4x6 Shape aligngment brag book SHAPES Set 2 and3 DLT (1).jpg4x6 Shape aligngment brag book SHAPES Set 2 and3 DLT (2).jpg4x6 Shape aligngment brag book SHAPES Set 2 and3 DLT (3).jpg

    DLT Channel Screen freebie.pngDLT credit card window freebie.png
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    DLT curve with circles2.pngHere's the SHAPE freebie! Not included in the kit!! Just for you!!
    Right click on image
    Click on SAVE IMAGE AS
    Send to your folder choice!
    or go to SBM>Gallery>Images>Shapes> whatever folder you choose or make another folder

    Enjoy and thanks for looking!


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      Thank you. Kimmyann's work with them is awesome....Fantastic job.


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        I am so proud of her I could bust!! Her pictures with these..WOW! Blows me away!! Enjoy the goodies!


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          You Girls are Too Much!!! Luv Ya Both!!


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            I have a customer who asks me how to use these shapes... Of course, he knew that you'd have to use them as any other shapes... ie. with paperscraps or photos... but he couldn't really imagine the kind of page layouts he could make.

            So I played with some shapes and on one same page layouts I used multiple shapes... for some of them I used paperscraps and for other ones photos... just to show him what we could do...

            So I finally made a very simple page layout with this shape: DTH 4x6 Shape ALignment Set 2 9... Here is my page:


            So the page is simple, but awesome... isn't it?

            To conclude these shapes are useful to make easily nice page layouts with advanced shapes.

            P.S.: I've used Sandy Shores Part 1.
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              Ah Kapi!! This is FANTASTIC!! You have it on the spot!Thank you SOOO much!!

              To get head start on presents this year..I made up hundreds of templates at the 4x6 size..or 6 inches wide 4 inches tall to take advantage of 1 cent photo sale of 4x6 prints..Converted all my 8x8 templates to that size to help..bought all of Katie Castillo's brag book pages and that wasn't I made up tons and still make tons of these 4x6 can play with these on the larger sizes and so I added the many variations of each design in the kits! Some don't work as well as others..but it's all the imagination! LOL KimmyAnn is an expert with these! I never would have thought to use them the way she can!!

              Each kit comes with at least 5 designs now of the folks can do like me and use their favorite kits with these shapes for faster time of it! Time is so precious!

              Hugs to you Kapi!!


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                You're very welcome Donna.

                Let me check... I could post another sample with one of your shapes.

                Yes, everything is just question of imagination :-)
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                  Another one... bragbook size...

                  Keep in mind that I made these page layouts very quickly to show off what it's possible to do with your shapes

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                    I'm tickled purple and pink! Way to go Kapi!! You vacation kit is AWESOME! simple and to the point! I'm not much of a foo foo person..but love to see it!! LOL..

                    THank YOU, THANK YOU Kapi!!


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                      Sandrine these Pages are Awesome!! Your Going to get addicted to the Shapes

                      You can do so much with shapes!!! Just let your mind guide you!!! I have some Awesome Pages coming using different shapes from Donna's Alignment kits (Shapes) and some SBM gallery shapes!! using your kits and Donna's kits!!


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                        Thank you Kimmyann!

                        I used to use a lot of shapes in the past... I have some kits which include sets of shapes :-)
                        Yes, they offer a lot of possibilities :-)

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