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Flourishing Gold and Green Corners and Dividers and freebies!

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  • Flourishing Gold and Green Corners and Dividers and freebies!

    Thanks for looking folks!

    Using some of the dividers and corners in the Flourishing SHAPES Kit and making up even more dividers and corners...Comes the Green and GOLD set. I really enjoyed putting the bits and pieces together to make them.

    Here are some freebies to see up close the beauty of these items..

    Simply RIGHT CLICK on the items
    Select SAVE IMAGE AS
    and Send to your favorite embellishment folder of freebies for Max

    DLT Flourishing Gold and Green Corners and Dividers divider freebie.pngDLT Flower 20 freebie.pngDLT Flourishing Gold and Green corner freebie 2.png

    Click here for store view

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    Here is a page I made using this Flourishing Kit!! Its Awesome!!!



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      My pictures don't come out as pretty as yours show..what is your secret? Size..?? ...GORGEOUS job with the suits you VERY WELL! You have converted me to a green lover!

      So excited Michelle is back!! YIPPIE!


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        Want a signature made using these????? See sample!

        And folks...if you don't want the BLINKIES..I can happily make you a signature using the royal gold, gold and green flourishes..or any of the glitter as flourishes..and make you a signature like you see on my signature..just email me here at Max!


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 are the can make your own in Max...resolution 72-118...with a size of around 300 pixels in length for these or your choice! Then publish and CHECK the transparent background, png. Then upload to photobucket or other..and copy the IMG link...then in Max..settings, edit signature and PASTE in the big box on right..SAVE image..YOu have a SIGNATURE!


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            Making them in MAX at 72 or 200 dpi or 300 be the judge..

            Here's the 72 dpi version..nothing added

            Then I added a LITTLE bit of brightness to it..gets too dark at lower to EFFECTS, advanced, brightness and contrast..and little bit to right..

            Now..drop shadow at 118

            something to think about!


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              Nice showing folks how little adjustments can make a difference!! Good Job Wonder!!

              Its a Crying shame how this place is a ghost town!!!


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                First time I've had a town all to my self most times! LOL..

                Thanks for the kind comments..I can always count on you!


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                  Yes Ma'am!! Again Crying Shame what is going on!!