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    I have been downloading all night, so go back into the account you opened for the store & check out your account, your order should be there & you can start downloading immediately, hope you find them ok.


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      yes .. you pay you download straight must click download and they come straiight to you - very much fun hey!
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        Hi There, thanks for the advice, I went back to my account and it says that it's processing, does this mean I just have to wait? it says download file under some of the orders in my shoping cart but it's not something i can click on.


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          Oh I get it, i hit the view button and hey presto..............hmmmm.......feel kinda silly now lol, I could have been playing with these lovely things all morning and instead they where just sat there waiting to be downloaded , oh dear, where's my 8 year old I need some lessons on how to use the net hahaha


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            Originally posted by Claree View Post
            I agree, what a wonderful place, I have a question though, how long does it take to arrive in your email box once you've paid for it? I ordered some really nice things last night and wasn't sure if it was digital delivery or postal. I sound really stupid asking this but I'm not really very good with ordering stuff like this online.
            Thanks for your help, and thanks for a great shop

            That's not a silly question at all! If you're shopping in our store, and purchasing Digital kits for Scrapbook MAX!, you'll receive an email from us with download links as soon as your order goes through. If you don't receive this email, please let myself, or any other staff member know and we'll get it sorted out right away!

            Once your credit-card payment is processed, delivery happens immeidately, so you should receive your order confirmation email and download link email right away.



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              To be able to download your purchases right away is another of the wonderful perks of digital watching and waiting for something to arrive in the mail..just download and start scrapping..
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                Pink roses

                I was just browsing thru all the old releases and came across one of the very first things I ever put in the store.. it seems like yesterday buy the years have passed.
                I had to laugh as I obviously didnt even know how to post a preview picture back then so I thought I'd put some in and I cant believe the old price - $3.50 LOL
                Funny how things have unfolded.. roses are still my trademark I think and pink still reigns supreme in my book!!
                This one has been one of my constant sellers aaand still a favourite of my I thought I'd bring it up again

                Link to Painted rose In the store
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                  Yep, that is one that I got a long time ago! It is so pretty!