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  • Mask Layouts ROCK and FREE Tutorial

    Folks, what could you expect from me more than MORE Mask Layouts..Got total of 30 in the store!! No scraplifting on these!!! So these are more of my own efforts!! Including a 4 page tutorial in jpg format so you can bring them in through your PICTURES feature and expand it out for easy reading NEXT to your Mask Layout! Loaded with great links too..Granny's famous link for the eclipsepallete for one and free font places. So if you don't know by now how to do's all here with some nice samples to follow!! Hoping I covered all my bases on this!! The tutorial is simply HOW to use the Mask template..Use the reverse approach to learn how to make one!! Rules of common sense apply.
    Have simple sets of 10 and the HARDER ones are in sets of 5.

    Here are the links..

    The Precious People Presentation Sets here are 8.5x11 letter size in sets of 10 templates. Set 1 is the more Professional polished set for emphasis on the word and picture. Great for Resumes, Retirements, Babysitting information packets, Adoption Portfolio's, Graduations, Long letters to friends, etc.
    I used to need this for my autistic boys to help teach the regular classrooms what to expect from my boys. That autism wasn't contagious, etc. And showed how normal they were compared to the "normal" kids. The teachers wanted this each year with each class and spent hours making them..This is so much easier to do now!! REARRANGEABLE pages..
    The second set is more frilly, fun and simple..

    The Mask Layouts sets 1 and 2 are generic but much more detailed in 12x12 (8x8) size. All are 200 dpi. And these sets are 5 templates each!

    All pages are REARRANGEABLE parts..Simply CLICK on the gray areas and CHANGE PICTURE to color papers of you choice..Now you can immediately use the kits that are collecting dust because you weren't sure how to lay it all out..!! Hope you can use!!

    Simply click and enlarge the pages below and SAVE PICTURE AS and drop on your desktop or in a special folder for tutorials. This format makes it easier for all to use as needed.

    ENJOY!! I loved making these!!!
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    OMG Girl Slowwww down!!!! LOL You sure have been BUSY!!! Ok you got me to go look in the store!!! WOW I havent been in there in awhile! LOTS OF NICE STUFF IN THERE!!!! You are among the elite group now!! Take a curtsy girl! Love your Stuff!!!!!!!!!

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      Love your stuff - did you want the links to lead to the home page or to your actual kits? Right now the links just take us to the home page.


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        WoW wonder that's WONDERFUL, you truly are a wonder and you do WONDERFUL things and deserve to suceed in everything you do,
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          Originally posted by MaggieMae View Post
          Love your stuff - did you want the links to lead to the home page or to your actual kits? Right now the links just take us to the home page.
          GOOOSHH..I went to each item and copied the link at why you all are getting this is beyond me..lets see if this works..

          Hopefully, these work..I don't know what happened to the links changing to front page..Leave it to me to do the UNUSAL!!!LOL..Sorry!! BUT THANKS for TRYING to see them!!


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            They work!!

            Great masks!! The links work perfectly now!! You are "wonder"ful!


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              Magnific !!!!!

              congratulations Autistic. you and girl very applied, made great work. I am made an impression with the easiness that you finds you work these forms and incredible, I loved I loved ok kisses


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                Wow! Those are awesome! You do wonderful work but I am sure Im not the first to tell you that!

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