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    Thats very very realistic and 3 dimensional Steve.. very good work Mate!


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      Graet Steve, the store is getting nicely stocked
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        these are excellent steve, love them both xxx

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          Need help to print

          I have used a couple of the 8 X 8 templates and sent them to the Walgreens to print as 8 X 10. I figured I could just cut off the extra paper but it appears that this is not how it works. The left & right sides are always cut off. I purchased the Easter kit and used the purple page--it cuts off the H in Happy and the R in Easter---please tell me what I am doing wrong. I am wasting alot of money trying to keep printing but not having any luck. Some of the templates I can change to 7 X 5 and most of the time those print ok--but your templates don't appear to be able to change. Help please. I also purchased the "wanted" pages and have some great Western pics to print but need to know how to fix this first.



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            Hello Kathy

            Kathy, I have personally changed the size of a layout to 8x10 and had it printed at Sams. Turned out perfect! I am experimenting with another one that I am uploading to Walmart. I changed the size to 5 x7, within the SBM software. My mom is in Arizona and she needs a 5x7 for church.

            I do not know if you know how to change the size of your layouts. Within the program, on the top bar, left of the little red heart is a tab for the background. Click on the background tab and select the size tab. You will find a lot of different size options there. You must select the size that your wanting it to be when it's printed.

            Others may have other suggestions for you. I have also uploaded pages to have memory books printed. I selected 8 1/2 x 11 and had that size put into the books. It worked out very well too. I discovered a few glitches when selecting the options for page layouts for the makers of the books. Again, remember to select the size pages that you intend to have printed as your final project. In the 8 1/2 x 11 books there is a layout option that is for the WHOLE page. I always select that option for all my pages then drop my layout onto the page. I tried to drop a layout into different size boxes on the page and cut off some of the sides. In other words, Don't select 8 x 8 then try to print 8 x 10. It would work better to select 8 x 10 then print as an 8 x 10. You have better chance of not cutting off the edge of your page.

            I hope this helps! I tend to ramble a lot in an effort to get my point across. I hope this helps you.
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              Have you tried ordering prints through Scrapbook MAX? From what everyone tells me the prints are excellent and fir on the pages quite nicely...

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                Great job, Steve. Love it.


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