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May 08 Designer Challenge featuring: Angelwithin

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  • Is there a way to get all the templates in the same place

    Fiona mentioned there is 40+ templates in this thread. They are all named different so when you install they will all go in unique locations. Is there a way to get all the templates in the same location like one kit would install?
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    • the only way would be to open each one in max and export as a new template under one name only there are 38mb's of smt & images so it would really lag to have this much info in one smt

      i have however put them all into a zip file so you can for the next week download them all in one hit - at the end of the week i will delete the download file link you can download it here until 7th june

      thankyou everyone for such a great response to this months challenge...yup it's the end of the month already and the challenge is now officially ended

      well done everyone

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