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The Groove's July 2008 Freebie Challenge

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    I used Kimbob's My Guy Template. Hope this is what you wanted Donna?

    Happy Scrappin'! Susie

    My Buddies are
    *eng*, EclecticDiva, fourfoxes, LindaPete, O2BNGdHope,
    Pink Lollipop, Tiffanys Scraps, Autistic Wonder,
    OnieRN, Moonlightpearl, LindaPete


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      here is mine...all papers and the word art shape made by myself.....only other things used are the shapes from this challenge (which I really love)....hope I have done this right had fun anyway
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      My buddies are Angelwithin, omajo, babylicious36, all my memories. and Angle


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        Love all of these so far!

        Here is mine

        I used an edge shape that I made and copied it. Then swapped it with white paper and sent it behind the picture like Donna had us do with the wording.

        I attached the shape I used below.

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          Love the other entries! So pretty!

          For this one, I didn't use any of the shape words, but I used the idea. What I like best is the sky - to me it looks real, but at the top, it's actually a paper scrap that I've used with Autisticwonder's base shape, so it blends right out. And I thought the dots looked neat. Hope you agree - it was fun.


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            Oh..ladies!!! You have not failed to impress me immensely AGAIN!! These are all BEAUTIFUL and well done..There is no way to goof it up!! The fun with allows for so much play and redesign!!

            OUTSTANDING!! THANK so much!!

            Trying replacing the name with flowers along the base as well or add pretty flowers to the name for even more fun!

            Love the aloha idea with the shape circles..FUN!!

            WOW , jawdropper with the baby and cousin!!

            Yeah Susan! THANKS too for the extra shape as well..You generous soul!!

            Debby...WOW!! Great efforts and fun looks!!

   CT scrapper EXTRAORDINARE!! Thanks so much for your help and demonstration in the confusion..

            Special NOTE: Hope the confusion is gone now about the Maximizers versus Maxie Kit..It's a new concept. Maximizers are efforts to help you learn and use new tools to produce a desired effect IN your SBM program and for you to build on!
            Maxie Kits are going to be mini versions of Maximizers to introduce something new that you can build on as this base and words do..

            FoLKS..found this idea in a book..not a scrapbook...but thought it would be soo cool in our scrapping..You are the FIRST digital scrapbooking site to have my knowledge!!
            I adapted it for SBM the easiest way I could think of!!


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              here's my 1st attempt

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                Wow, everyone is doing great as usual! Beautiful. My first attempt is of my uncle; I had just located this picture and decided to use it. I always loved this picture!


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                  Grandmother Sister Mother . . . She was all of these.

                  This was made using the kit called Bohemian Summer by Michelle Coleman. I used the shapes from this challenge to create the wording and the flower shapes and to shape a coordinating paper to use behind the wording. The lace is from SBM Grandmother's Wedding.

                  Thanks Donna! I had fun with this challenge.

                  My buddies are Granny, Wolvsie35, angelwithin, twpclerk, moonlightpearl, Vanessa, Wickel, Smile, Eye and Pink Lollipop


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                    By jupiter, you've got it!! Love all your efforts!! WOW!!
                    THANKS YOU!!

                    Debby..great idea on adding several!! LOve that look!!
                    Fiona...You TRUE BLUE Expert!! Love the dual version!!
                    MommaBIRD!! YES!! Striky look to the picture!! What a sweet template!!

                    SO GLAD you all are getting it!!



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                      My try at the challenge

                      Here is my try at the July Challenge. These are photos are of a pretty bi-plane at our local airport's Fly In. I hope I did this right!
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                        Thought I would try to do something like Donna's sample template. This is my granddaughter Morgan while she was here on a visit recently.


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                          Here is my effort for the July Challenge, hopefully this is what is required???? The photo is of my brother Robert in his prep year at school.

                          My Buddies are: Angelwithin, O2BNGdhope, Moonlight Pearl, Marion, , pkdoll, Smile, Eye, Oceania


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                            Beautiful layouts everybody !!
                            I love challenges and will make mine later,...

                            My buddies: Nanwu, Moonlightpearl


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                              Great challenge! Love it!

                              Here's my LO

                              I used Mommyscraps, "boys will be boys" kit..


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                                You ladies really like the flowers!!! GReat JOBs!! GORGEOUS layouts!!

                                Here are a few more to add to your folder..

                                Right click on item
                                Send to c:ScrapbookMax>Gallery>Images>Shapes>July 08 Challenge
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