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The Groove's July 2008 Freebie Challenge

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    I've downloaded this to my computer, but can't locate the artwork. help.


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      Did you click SAVE? You have to find where you downloaded it TO. If you haven't downloaded anything else, go back and act like you're going to download it again but stop and look at the top to see what folder you have selected to download to. Or did you just click OPEN? Open should send it right to SBM.

      In case I go missing call Moonlightpearl, Granny, twpclerk or Smile! Then have them call Crops because we're probably together at the Yoville Races!


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        Here is the first try for me first challenge here so I'm not sure if I did this right.
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          My LO disappeared!!!

          Hi Donna

          I posted my LO for the July Challenge yesterday, and today it is not there???????? maybe the bad scrap fairy came and took it away. I am not the only one though I believe Lily6570 has had the same thing happen to her too!!!

          Did you actually see my LO before it disappeared??

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            Mine is still here in this thread, but has disappeared from my gallery... I guess I'll have to re-upload it...?


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              This is my 2nd attempt at this challenge, credits are in the gallary.

              Happy Scrappin'! Susie

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                No My LO

                That is not my LO that comes up under my thread for the challenge LO??? I will have to re load it again.
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                  Dining Al Fresco LO?

                  The LO under my thread is Dining Al Fresco??? Who does it belong to????
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                    This was LO that disappeared from yesterday, hope this is what was wanted.

                    Hope the scrap fairy does not make it disappear again!!!!!
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                      Here's my attempt...

                      My great Niece & Nephew who now live in Manitoba, Canada. They've been there now just over a year.


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                        You all are doing sooooo well!! WOW!! I'm knocked off my rocker kinda WOW!!

                        But some are gettin away from the challenge for the WORD TAG part of it..

                        You must use the BASE blender with your pages..
                        I'd like you to do as much with the BASE to your photos or PAPERS..You can use the flowers on the BASE..

                        Sorry if I confused you on this issue!! So easy for me to do that!! LOL..

                        Here's MORE family words and this time plurals included!! and an "s" to pluralize what you may have already.. I can't remember the dominant font I used and if I still have it with my computer transfer issues.. The kit was submitted a month ago..

                        SOOOO PRETTY these all are and your EFFORTs EXTREMELY WONDERFUL!!
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                          Thanks for the extra goodies. I will try and do another layout. My hubby is on vacation today and next week, so I won't have as much puter time. We will be gone for a few days as well during the middle of the week.


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                            Here is my newest; my last two have disappeared as well. I wonder whose image I will end up with like Aggie!


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                              OH..MommaBIrd!! WOW!! It's FANTASTIC!! and you've used your creative powers within to make up your own words!! THAT's IT!!!!! You've GOT IT!!

                              OH..and HAPPY 4th of JULY to all the AMERICANS out there!!

                              I'm going to be busy today with barbeques and friends over!!
                              Catch you as I can!!

                              HUGS you WONDEROUS SCRAPAHOLICS!!


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                                Here's mine

                                Wow, everyone's layouts are so neat! This is a fun one, for certain.

                                Mine is a picture of my mother-in-law with all of her children at my grand daughter's birthday party a couple of days ago. Getting all of them together, sitting still, and smiling at the same time is just about impossible, so we took this chance and ran with it.

                                I used the shapes provided in the Groove's challenge freebie pack to make the flowers in the background. I made my own "We Are Family" word shapes to use with papers found on in her Gianna kit. The frame came from there, too.

                                Lori in Tennessee
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