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July 08 Designer Challenge Featuring ~ Moonbeam

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    ... my THIRD layout...


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      Oh my gosh these are all beautiful and we get to travel through the layouts!

      Here is mine. I used the bird in the kit. There were 3 beaches at this resort (The Buccaneer). The Sunset was taken at Grotto Beach, Inset is Cutless Cove Beach and the beach not pictured is Whistle beach.



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        Just realized I left a letter off of the name of the beach in the inset picture. It is Cutlass Cove, not Culass Cove. Oh Well!!


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          Could be worse! it could read Clueless Cove LOL
          Great job even if you cant spell Hehehe
          and the others are so cool too


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            Thanks everyone!

            Thank you for your help! I found the kit, and I learned something new I did not know there were backgrounds where they are! LOL! Anyway, now I have another question, how do you use one of the kit backgrounds AND a photo as a background? I don't know why I am having such a hard time with this, my mind must be in summer slow mode!! LOL! I love everyone's layouts. Vacation pics are so much fun! THanks for your help!


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              I did a two page layout in one page.


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                here's my try !
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                  Absolutely wonderful layouts so far and I'm sure there will be more spectacular ones to come.

                  Here's mine, still having fun doing my GS's photos from his year's trip to Europe and India. He finally comes home in 2 weeks, can't wait to see him.

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                    I am enjoying all these vacations from everyone. There are so many beautiful places featured, my mini-trip on the Delaware River in Philadelphia seems trival in comparison but I guarentee we had just as much fun.

                    I did find a good use for the quacker we received. It gets the attention of a wanderlust toddler. Now I can still quack, but only in the privacy of my own home! Can you believe people frown on quacking in public?


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                      I have read the challenge and wondering if I missed something. I notice a lot of these beautiful pages have a mask on them. Is the mask part of the challenge and I missed it or was that just added by everyone? Thanks
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                        I don't have any holiday photos so this one is my entry.


                        the kit is a fund raiser for a designer at another site that lost her husband in May and has 3 sons- kit is My 3 sons.

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                          Kidd's Beach 1984

                          My eldest daughter will be 28 this year. These are some of the holiday photo's taken of her from 1984, when she was a little scrap on holiday with my mother at Kidd's Beach, South Africa


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                            these are brilliant

                            here's another one from me, it's my son joe when he was 3 yrs old at the beach

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                              my niece and nephew came for a visit recently and we had a great day out stopping off to visit the maritime museum
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                                Oh thats fantastic .. the ship in the BG looks good - Ive been to that museum too - loved it