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November Designer Challenge ~ Hosted by Autisticwonder

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  • November Designer Challenge ~ Hosted by Autisticwonder

    Donna will be along some time today to tell you what she has in store for you for this months challenge (i've seen the kit you are going to have a blast)

    Take it away Donna

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    Waiting, waiting (tapping foot & waiting) LOL
    3.50pm in UK but that's only 9.50am East Coast time...!!!


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      LOL !! paging Donna, has anyone seen Donna this morning???
      Paging Donna to the SBM challenge !!
      hehehehehe !!
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        Sorry neighbor got me into selling at her yard sale this morning!! rid of some of my stored JUNK!!LOL..

        OK..without more delay!!

        This challenge is called TURKEY DRESSING!!

        In the states, November is THanksgiving month..SO

        Turkey DRESSING means WHATEVER you want it to!! Whatever comes to your mind..go with it!!

        1) You may use these paper scraps to create more papers and backgrounds

        2) You are encouraged to use your SHAPES from MAX to create more fun shapes for dressing your TURKEY.

        3) You are ENCOURAGED to not only show off your creations but to also share your templates in .smt form here in this thread.

        4) You may and hopefully you will create more brads and elements to give away in this thread!!

        5) HAVE FUN!! Think of how a TURKEY would feel come THANKSGIVING!! LOL

        The KIT has :
        6 solid color tiles
        1 plaid background paper
        3 patterned tiles
        1 overlay tile
        1 brad
        3 grommets
        2 tags
        1 torn edge piece
        6 feathers
        3 main body parts of the turkey
        8 sets of eyes
        2 beaks
        1 red nose hanger(what is that called??)
        1 feather fan tail
        2 feather arms
        1 black stick for leg or arm
        1 black stick hand or foot
        1 binder clip
        1 corner
        3 flowers
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          This looks like it will be fun! I love the eyes!!!! Cannot wait to see what creative pages everyone will do!


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            I am a little lost. Are we supposed to make a turkey or a layout or both? LOL!

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              LOL Donna - looks like a fun challenge. I might have to gobble myself. LOL.
              Kind wishes from Carena
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                Originally posted by pickngrin View Post
                I am a little lost. Are we supposed to make a turkey or a layout or both? LOL!
                Not sure, but it sounds like anything goes! Sounds like fun!


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                  Anything goes is right SUE!!

                  I'm not going to make this SPECIFIC! What comes to your mind when you hear the word TURKEY DRESSING ??? Go with any ideas you have!

                  Do layout, tags, candy bar wrappers...WHATEVER...or just make extra elements, or papers..Whatever you feel more comfy with!

                  Create new shapes for it's clothing if that turns you on and share them with us!!

                  Example: For Thanksgiving...some folks don't eat the traditional TURKEY.. So you may want to work up your TURKEY as living it up on the beach somewhere taking a Holiday of it's own..and show a distressed PIG or some such thing..

                  Hoping you all have a funny bone that will get tickled with this challenge!!

                  Go for it ladies!!


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                    i love this kit Donna....i found this photo and thought i'd give you a little turkey humour lol
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                    An Exclusive Scrapbook Max designer
                    , Check out my store

                    "If you look around and think the world is missing something, it is probably the gift you were supposed to be bringing."


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                      HaaaHHHHAAAAA...oh..bustin on this one!! TOO funny!!!!! LOVE it, Fiona!!

                      Gotta go to bed folks!! Can't wait to see what all you folks start dreaming up!!

                      I'll be posting more to add to your kit as time goes on!! WE have a whole month of fun!!


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                        Thanks for the goodies Donna! Gotta put on me thinking cap.....hmmmmm, turkey dressing.....we call it STUFFING here....lmao

                        My Buddies: Jazz, Smile, Sue, Eng and Eye "CHILLS", Poppabob, PKdoll, Onie, Pickngrin


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                          We call it both, but this is making me hungry for thanksgiving dinner! Yummmmm!!


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                            I made a turky page. I have had this pic to srap for a while. The season and the kit got r' done.

                            My buddy is GrannyWin.
                            My sister, my friend, Laurie016. My daughter, mortonmomof2.


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                              KPierce (Karen)...SOOOOO COOL!! What a GREAT picture and the journal is sooo clever!! LOTS of fun!! THANKS so mUCHO!!

                              More to add to your collection..THE shapes!!

                              Thought of this idea this morning!! BIRD FLU!! Reason to eat something other than TURKEY for our THanksgiving FEAST!!

                              Here's the HANDKIE and other bird items!! LOL

                              To download these new items:

                              1) CLICK on Image to ENLARGE it

                              2) RIGHT CLICK and choose SAVE TARGET AS option
                              or SAVE PICTURE AS if not available

                              3) Select your destination folder for this item
                              Typically: C:> PROGRAM FILES> SCRAPBOOKMAX >
                              GALLERY> IMAGES> EMBELLISHMENTS> Folder of
                              your choice ( or place in your November 08 Designer
                              Challenge folder)

                              4) Pat yourself on the back!! GREAT JOB!
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