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December Designer Monthly Challenge ~ Hosted by Carena

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  • December Designer Monthly Challenge ~ Hosted by Carena

    this months challenge will be hosted by Carena

    take it away Carena they are all yours

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    OK - Hi to all and before you all start asking where I am - I'm here.

    Here is the start

    Download this from here;

    Sorry - it's time to pick up Caitlyn from school and she probably want's to go swimming so as soon as I get back - I'll give you what you have to do.
    LOL Sorry about those of you who are freezing right now. LOL We are just coming into Summer here. Swimming, fun in the sun - berry picking - yum boysenberries my favourite.
    Anyway if I don't get out the door, I'm be late. So I promise I will be back soon.

    Catch you soon, Bye for now.
    Kind wishes from Carena
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      OK I'm back. Caitlyn looks something like a drowned rat but she just loves swimming and is more often under the water than on top.

      OK for the challenge this month I would like everyone to have a go at doing more clustering around photo's and frames. Also to use more shapes in your layouts. A simple shape such as a star or hearts or indeed any shape can make your layouts more interesting when used with a paper, gives you more elements to work with. For eg. see the hearts in the layout below - these are not nescessarily part of the kit but could be done with heart shapes and done with papers.

      As an example to look at I thought perhaps we would do a scraplift challenge. For those who don't know what a scraplift is - this is when you look at another's layout and try to duplicate it but still within your own style and using your own kits. It's amazing what you can come up with when doing this and although the layouts may be similar, can turn out completely different looking.

      So - for this part of the challenge here is a page to scraplift. Done by Bekah E - I really loved the clustering used in the corner and around the frame.

      You can use the papers and elements provided in the previous post or if you wish, or use a kit you already have. I don't mind which you use. It's all about giving it a go. Explore and have fun. You may even want to use a combination of both.

      By the way the mini kit to download is in normal PNG and JPEG format (not max format) I wanted everyone to be able to participate in the challenge. I know not everyone has the program.

      Here is BekahE layout:

      Also if anyone is wondering and would like to give it a go - she has done a photo overlay over the paper. This is possible in scrapbook max program. What you need to do is this: (basic form)
      1. add photo over paper
      2. desaturate - change to black & white or sepia
      3. change the opacity of the photo by adjusting the slider. There is no set amount - just play around with it until you get a look that you like. It also can depend on the darkness/lightness of the photo itself. If the photo has dark boundaries you will end up with a dark area where the photo finishes so look for a photo with lighter area around the outside or if you have one - a blending shape which fades to the edges.

      I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Clustering sometimes is like making a flower arrangement. Place and adjust - turn etc, move forward and back until it looks right to the eye. It can sometimes take practice but once you get used to doing them - you will find youself doing more and more of them and love them just as much as I do.
      Final note - if you're having problems or need some help - please feel free to post here in the challenge or if you prefer - message me. I'm happy to help.
      Last edited by Carena; 11-30-2008, 09:47 PM.
      Kind wishes from Carena
      Scrapbook Max Digital Designer
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        Ooops - LOL here is a preview of what you're downloading.

        Kind wishes from Carena
        Scrapbook Max Digital Designer
        Visit me in the store Here also grab my blinkie if you wish.


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          Thanks Carena - sounds like fun - see what mess I can create out of this one!!!!!!
          My Buddies are: Angelwithin, O2BNGdhope, Moonlight Pearl, Marion, , pkdoll, Smile, Eye, Oceania


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            If you visit Bekah's BLOG, you'll see she's the

            "QUEEN OF CLUSTERING"............


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              My attempt...........

              Couple of my elements for you..........
              Attached Files


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                This I have trouble with, hope this challenge can learn me something!!
                Happy Scrappin'! Susie

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                *eng*, EclecticDiva, fourfoxes, LindaPete, O2BNGdHope,
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                  my participation challenge by Carena !!

                  my son Vinnie my niece Pepe


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                    Here is mine. The picture is my Cousin Sue's Grandson and Great Grandaughters at Thanksgiving.

                    I used Carena's free gift for the challenge and the Word Art is from Jazzy's Thanksgiving Stamps at DSO



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                      here is mine, credits in the gallery

                      My buddies are Angelwithin, omajo, babylicious36, all my memories. and Angle


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                        Here is mine.

                        Credits in the gallery.

                        My buddies are Crops2Dawn and AutisticWonder


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                          Wow, these are great so far. As usual lately I am running so far behind, I may never catch up!


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                            Beautiful pages everybody, love the many ideas of clustering work !

                            Here is my first, hope another one will follow.

                            My buddies: Nanwu, Moonlightpearl


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                              Stunning I may give this a try.Though I read the directions it seems hard.Off tomorrow so I will see what i can come up with.
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