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JULY Designer Challenge : hosted by Michelle!

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    Well here is my entree, did a bit of watercoloring for the photo.

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      Summer Day Dreaming

      Summer 2008. Courtney was day dreaming away, off with the fairies, so hard being 12 with the weight of the world on your shoulders. I have to chuckle though, when Courtney was little she would take out dry biscuits and set them on gum leaves under the gum tree to feed the fairies so she used to say, she was always so amazed when the biscuits would be gone the next day, of course the birds had a field day, but she was convinced the fairies had taken her offering. I don't suppose I helped though, after all we had little china houses in amongst the garden for many years, and I used to tell the girls there were fairies in my garden, it was lovely while it lasted.

      Imajo, I hear the weather was a bit rough over your side of the country today, we will get it in about 2 days time in Vic. Love your layout, what a gorgeous little lady you have with you.
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      All the best from Nanny Bernie.
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        Nanny and Omajo, great layouts...Sorry to hear about the little one...Omajo, so nice to see you posting...sure missed ya...((HUGS)) Good luck in the contest girls...
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          Here is my 2nd part of this challenge Loving all of your layouts ladies they are all awesome

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            Finally got around to the 2nd part. I also used 2 shapes from Rosana.



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              Oceania and Sue, these are awesome pages...WOWZERS!!!! It amazes me on how everyone can amke such different laayouts using the same kit...You go girls...and I am soooo glad I don't have to judge<wink>
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                thanks for the freebie and here is my layout


                if it isn't in the scrapbook it didn't happen!


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                  Challenge will be ending

                  OK EVERYONE....You have until the 30th to get your layouts submitted to this thread for both challenges...The night of, I will get all the layouts numbered, then I will post them here...Once that is done, YOU and everyone else in the community can judge on the pages...Email me your TOP 3 picks...You can even vote on your own layouts...<wink> One email per person please...Send them to [email protected] or you can PM me here...Whichever works for
                  The top winner will receive a FREE kit from my part of the store here (your choice) and second runner up will receive something special from me...Sooooo....Make sure you put your thinking caps on and really think about your choices...hehe...send your friends here to vote too...the more the merrier...Any questions, just email me...k?

                  I have some medical things to attend too, and want to make sure I am here for the voting....Depending on so many things, I might be gone on vacation starting the 31st...So judging will end when I get back on the 3rd...I will take all the votes, post the winners here on the 4th...

                  Sassy, love your page....Thanks for playing along...((HUGS))
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                    Here's me!! Not me in the photo, of course! lol!!!!

                    Really liked the colors for this one. Thanks again for another fun challenge! This is my daughter (on the right) and her friend. Soon to be 16....AAAGGHHH!


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                      Fantastic page!!!! Lovely girls too...The dots on her suit pop out...
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                        crackled all up


                        I had fun with this. I used crackle and sepia to make the picture look older. Then everything that could be crackled I crackled. I used that stars paper from the For the Love of Freedom. Unfortunately, for some reason, I couldn't crackle it. I used it anyway because I thought the color behind it made it pop a little more.

                        I still can't figure out how you are getting the images in these posts if someone wants to let me know how to do that!


                        Dina AKA MemphisFran


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                          All Crackled up!

                          Sorry this is a repeat...I don't know how to remove the other one and my attachment didn't work! ;( Sorry

                          I can't figure out how to paste the image in her if someone wants to help me with that. I don't have urls for my pics.

                          Anyway I used the crackle effect on everything that would crackle. I used the paper from the "For the Love of Freedom" it wouldn't crackle but I thought the color made the rest of it pop.

                          At first it would not attach but then I saw it was too large so I coompressed this like it was for web pages. It wouldn't print well but you can still view online okay. Do you ever do that?


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                          Dina AKA MemphisFran


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                            how do you change colors of the embellishments?

                            Originally posted by tackettup View Post
                            Hope it is ok to change the colors of the embellishments. I wanted them to match the photo. Couldn't bring myself to add an effect to this photo so I added a window instead.

                            How do you change the color of the embellishments. Did you do it in a different program?

                            Please share!
                            Dina AKA MemphisFran


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                              Part II

                              Hello All,

                              Really wish I knew how to insert them.

                              But it is attached.
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                              Dina AKA MemphisFran


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                                I think I figured it out

                                [IMG]<img src="" />[/IMG]
                                Dina AKA MemphisFran