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The Groove July 2009 Monthly Freebie Challenge

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    My For The Love of Freedom Layout!

    Here is mine!

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      Oh..miatai!! It's FANTASTIC tribute to your great uncle and a STUNNING layout!! THANKS so much for sharing!!


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        Quote from Donna:
        not exclusive to USA.. I did put USA flag journal in the kit for those wanting to celebrate the 4th with this kit..but everything else..should help with YOUR expressions of FREEDOM..Freedom to go from country to country...freedom to raise your kids in a good environment...choose the best schools..etc.. and sooooo much more..Or Mom's freedom from responsibility for a day..yada, yada..

        So here is my second try Donna, credits in the gallery



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          Moonlightpearl!! WAY TO GO!! EXcellent job with recoloring and totally working the aussie fun!! THANKS so much!!


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            Gosh you guys are amazing these layouts are super awesome I almost went by without contributing in this challenge and then decided I would here is my one, thanks this has been a great experience

            sigpicShould I vanish my buddies are: Moonlightpearl, Carena and scrappyaggie48


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              Bless you OCEANIA!! What FUN!! So glad you jumped in!! LOVE your FUN template!!


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                Here's mine

                My friends are Smile, Kimmyann ,Marshalynn, wolvsie35 and Nicole


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                  Young and Free

                  These are the first few words of our national anthem, words we all sing but don't always appreciate. Thank you for a great kit, and a belated happy birthday USA!
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                    This thought of religious freedom came to mind for me when I first read this challenge. The German settlers in this region of Pennsylvania established this church 38 years BEFORE America declared independence.

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                      saludos a todos!


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                        SO Great...ALL these layouts!! BRAVO everyone!! LOVE your efforts for expressing your freedoms!!

                        Valerie Elaine and sylvia the star behind flower effect!!WOW

               with you on small town churches!! I was raised in a Kentucky small town with a small but wonderful church!! Brings back memories!!


                        THanks so much for the fun surprises!!


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                          For Love of Freedom

                          We went to DC this summer. It was great. Truly inspirational was Arlington Cemetary and the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier. Puts some things in perspective for you.

                          Thanks for letting me share.
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                          Dina AKA MemphisFran


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                            Way too cute!

                            Originally posted by pickngrin View Post
                            Here is mine
                            Credits in the gallery

                            This is really how did you get it to post in your post...I was lucky to get it attached!

                            I'm new can you tell? Mine is at the end!
                            Dina AKA MemphisFran


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                              For the Love of Freedom

                              Please forgive. I am going to try this again and see if it works!

                              Whoo Hoooo it worked! I think I'm getting it...finally, eh?
                              I am really enjoying this!

                              Thanks for looking at it! I appreciate your comments as I am new!
                              Dina AKA MemphisFran


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                                Whee..Memphisfan!!! You sure did GET it!! LOL...LOVE your template!!!THanks so much for joining us!!