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October '09 Designer Challenge hosted by Donna Thomas/autisticwonder

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  • October '09 Designer Challenge hosted by Donna Thomas/autisticwonder

    The October '09 Designer Challenge is hosted by our wonderful Donna Thomas/autisticwonder!

    Be good to your favorite designer (I used to be one!) by LETTING THEM KNOW how much you appreciate their work!

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    Free SBM version 2.0 drawings and earnings!

    Yeah! So excited we have goodies to give away for these challenges this month!

    1 weekly winner for highest PRODUCTION points
    (you donate templates, tips and tricks, embellishments, papers...points earned!) and those points carry over all month..

    1 weekly winner for Random Drawing of PARTICIPANTS..
    (Simply comment on a post and you are a participant!..Must put a comment in each week for each Random Drawing chance to win..DOES not CARRY OVER from week to keep looking and commenting weekly for a chance in the drawings.)

    No repeat winners..8 winners total for month long challenge!

    Here's the STARTER KIT!! Large file..44 MB

    Here's the first FREE 2.0 version template that has most of the kit in it!

    It's ALL ABOUT AUTUMN!! That is our we...WE..can all donate autumn items (you must make it!!...not someone else's freebie) for us to use personally.

    The Kit contains hay pieces for scarecrow, papers, buttons, staples..hat, yada, see in template

    FOR the CHALLENGE..I encourage you to make a template using the new version for those that have it already..and for those that don't..NO problem..make 1.0 version of it..IF templates are over 5MB liimit..please provide a link to it for download as well as photo of it!!

    I will be adding little bits and pieces throughout the challenge to add to the KIT! So you will be packed with autumn goodies!

    WE do have a SWATCH to match your colors for donation!! Recommend you use that..but not restrictive!

    NOW..for those that love to create tags, donate..tiles, etc.. these are the points to earn..

    TEMPLATES 2.0/1.0 25 points each
    Embellishments/papers/scraps 5 points each item
    TIPS and TRICKS 15 points each post
    (tips and tricks of new version as well as OLD)
    no repeats from this thread..can gather prior knowledge
    mentioned from other threads!! example to follow!
    PLEASE post at top of your post..TIPS and get
    recognition easily!!

    TO newbies:
    To download picture items show..
    Simply click on item to enlarge it
    RIGHT click and choose SAVE AS...Save picture...
    and send to your desired location on your computer..usually to a SBM file
    or desktop file..

    Let's have some fun!!
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      TIPS and TRICKS entry! Version 2.0

      (notice header mentions TIPS and TRICKS and states which version I'm talking
      about...PLEASE start yours with that..don't want to miss giving out points!)

      TIP for flipping and shadowing...Version 2.0
      If you want to flip an item that has shadow on it..the SHADOW will not flip
      correctly with the item..sooooo
      UNCHECK the item of it's shadow BEFORE flipping it..After flipping it..Add shadow.! To do that just click on the item and when box comes up..UNCHECK the shadow!


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        Tips & Tricks v2 - Publish one page to an image file

        It is now possible to publish only one page of a Scrapbook album to an image. From the page you want to publish, go to the top menu bar of Scrapbook Max, Select Page, then "save as image". There are several file types you can publish to as well as choose the quality of your published image which will change your file size.


        If you choose "custom" for the size you need to change the zero for height and width to your desired size or it will not work. The size measurement is pixels. So 12x12 size page at 300 dpi would need to be 3600 by 3600.
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          Tips & Tricks v2 - Twice as many shapes - invert

          Scrapbook Max users love shapes. Now we have twice as many shapes. They have added invert. Any shape you have, you can invert. Many times this will give you really cool shape for a page border etc. When you double mouse click the embellishment or paper it will open up the property window. There is a box you mark to invert your shape and it will give you a preview. Here is an example of an original shape and then the inverted shape.

          A favorite new feature but there are so many how do you choose a favorite.
          My buddy is GrannyWin.
          My sister, my friend, Laurie016. My daughter, mortonmomof2.


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            Way to go KAREN!! Love your tips and tricks...already 30 pts for you!! YEah hoo!!


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              Wow, fantastico challenge....I hope I did this right...I made views for everyone and numbered the steps...But I love the fact that you can add papers/backgrounds to titles...So I showed here how to do it and how to add an effect in the back of the title as well to make it POP OUT!...((HUGS))
              I hope this can help out someone....

              I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                Great challenge!
                Be Happy


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                  loving these tips, thanks everyone....I don't have v2 yet but am having a ball with the trial

                  My buddies are Angelwithin, omajo, babylicious36, all my memories. and Angle


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                    Michelle..knock my socks the demo tip!! You go girl!! LOVE ya!!

                    Keep em coming you all..Play, PlAy, PLAY!!


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                      Food for thought..

                      Forgot to mention.

                      When you donate an item, make a template for show OR give away, or give a Tip/Trick..that also qualifies you for Random Drawing as participant..So it pays to donate you chance to win twice..whereas participants get only one chance in Random Drawing..make sense?



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                        Charting progress...

                        Kpierce 30pts
                        Wolvsie35 15 pts


                        Count participants only tally of number of comments..

                        Points if you don't win this week..then you have greater chance the win..

                        Remember..only allowed to win we will put you in our fame column once you win!!

                        YEAH..good start all..I'm excited!!!!!!!

                        WILL NEED ALL WINNERS TO GIVE ME EMAIL ADDRESS FOR SBM TO SEND YOU the LINK FOR DOWNLOADS. THey will not be sending DVD copies..just downloads for prizes!!

                        First set of winners will be announced next THURSDAY!! for first weeks fun!!


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                          Tips & Tricks v2 - Shadows...

                          You can do so much with shadows in v2. You can control everything about the shadow. You can change the angle of the shadow, position of the shadow, the color, etc.

                          1) Double click the item you want to shadow
                          2) on the first tab is a box to place a checkmark to add a shadow
                          3) if you want the new options for shadows click on settings.


                          I post this tip because I always forget to remove the checkmark for "global" which makes all shadows on this page identical. I usually don't want this and have to backtrack. Hopefull this tip will save you some time.
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                          My sister, my friend, Laurie016. My daughter, mortonmomof2.


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                            Template v2

                            I made a template but it is too big. I am not sure what to do with it now. I have never uploaded for SBM before. Do I use 4 share? Do I have to have an account?
                            My buddy is GrannyWin.
                            My sister, my friend, Laurie016. My daughter, mortonmomof2.


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                              Originally posted by nanwu View Post
                              loving these tips, thanks everyone....I don't have v2 yet but am having a ball with the trial
                              Wendy, maybe you will win one!!!!!
                              I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!