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The Groove October 2009 Freebie Challenge

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  • Oh boy! 2 challenges in a row! I'm on a roll! LOL! For week 4 I used the pink paper (recolored) and the stamp frame from week1, the bow (recolored) and the wire from week2, the hearts, the pearl and the string (recolored) from week3 and the heart cluster (recolored) and tag from week4.


    In case I go missing call Moonlightpearl, Granny, twpclerk or Smile! Then have them call Crops because we're probably together at the Yoville Races!


    • Sylvia...CONGRATS on your new grand baby....I am hoping someday my kids have kids of their own so I can become a Grandma...Whoo-Hoo!!!! I LOVE your camera! Very creative....Both of your layouts turned out great!

      Poppabob...thanks for helping Sylvia out...I would have been in here sooner to post a reply, but I haven't been feeling so hot....YOU ARE HIRED! LOL.

      nanwu...LMBO!!!! I am the same way...No one in here would think that, but I'm not face to face with you all love your funny faces...and you did an awesome job on your layout!..

      laurie....Your photo gave me a flash have one of me holding a big drink like that too...hehe...Lovely layout!

      O2Hope...Thanks for joining us this week...I don't know what it is like to have my feet rubbed...For two reasons I don't....1.) The bottom of my feet are so sensitive...and 2.) I am not a feet person...<wink> Love how you have the hearts dangling from the swirly...Very creative page!

      I am so impressed with what you can all do with just a couple pieces....Outstanding!!! Keep it up...((HUGS)) I suppose I need to make one for this week
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      • Here is a V2 template and layout using these kit items....thanks Michelle

        *please note....this template takes a few minutes to "publish to images" so please give it time when using, something to do with the layering/zooming of the paper-scraps I think.
        Attached Files
        Have a great day!!! ..........Wendy
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        • WendyG love your template. Beautiful.

          Everyone is being so creative. I have always loved seeing how such a few things will do so many different things with your imagination and creativity but with v2 it is really expanded even more. Wondeful!!!!

          I have not been able to participate in this challenge but have loved watching and seeing and learning from everyone else.

          Great challenge!
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          My sister, my friend, Laurie016. My daughter, mortonmomof2.


          • your layout....Very cool...One thing you forgot was to tell everyone something about yourself that we probably don't know about you...So, lovely template...Thanks...

            KP...what is stopping you from joining? We would love to see what you can come up with...<wink>
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            • is mine...

              I figured I should make a page for my own challenge...LMBO!! Besides I was forced to do this by a certain someone...Hmmmm...Ok, I won't tell, but here it is...

              Week 1....Used the purple background for the swirl shape and the vanilla paper for the butterfly shape.'

              Week 2...Background paper and spring.

              Week 3...heart and pearl(recolored)...

              Week 4...Metal frame and Folder shape
              I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


              • Wow - all of your pages are so beautiful

                I used ScrapbookMax this time and I discovered that I like it

                Here's mine:

                Week 1. stamp and light pink paper
                Week 2. butterflies and pink dings
                Week 3. background paper and scene
                Week 4. metal frame and heart

                I didn't recolored anything



                • great layout jabi.....and welcome to another addiction in your life LOL..tada the scrapbook max program it reels you in hook line and sinker....I nearly always use this program now for putting my pages together.

                  My buddies are Angelwithin, omajo, babylicious36, all my memories. and Angle


                  • Hope I got everything you wanted Michelle for the challenge!
                    Week 1 - Lace under heartcharms-changed color, frame over pic is stamp shape inverted, used week 4 background color as paper. Week 2 - Butterfly & bow - changed color on both. Week 3 - Heart charms, paper scrap changed to green, used as ribbon for text, pearl changed to green, placed under purple stamp. Week 4 - Background, filetemp behind pic using lavendar paper, floral swirl, bkgrd used as paper and shaped w/stamp shape.

                    Happy Scrappin'! Susie

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                    • Here's mine. I don't take good pictures.
                      What I used:
                      Week 1- Flowers, lace,shape and bg
                      Week 2- Bow, shape and bg
                      Week 3- Brad,heart and bg
                      Week 4- Swirly frame

                      Recoloured bg(week 3), brad (week 3) swirly(week 4)

                      My friends are Smile, Kimmyann ,Marshalynn, wolvsie35 and Nicole


                      • jabi....I am so glad you are liking this program...I told you that it was with this new one, you can make your own stuff too...<wink> Lovely page..and I love that photo....We have a lot in common...

                        Susie...You did a great job on your page...Your mojo is running 100%, so please stop worrying...<wink> I find yoru page very creative!

                        Val....First off, you take wonderful photo's...I found your photo adorable...Love the neclace too... Your layout on the other hand, is gorgeous...Love how you did everything!

                        From the gallery...poppabob posted this under my layout...
                        Very nice Michelle. I have a gallon or two around and a roller with your name on it! What kind of music do you like? ::
                        Thank you!!!! As far as the rollers, you can leave them where you currently are keeping just got done doing a room...<wink> So it might be awhile...Unless you want some stenciling or borders I'm your lady... As far as music, I love all kinds, depending on my mood...My favorite kinds have to tell a story...I can't stand rap or hard smashing rock where you can't understand a thing...To me, that is not a song, just my opinion of course)...Country, gospel, easy listening, oldies and some 80's are what I listen to most.... There is a song I wrote for my boys and had a friend put it to music and sing it for me...You can listen to it HERE....I posted it in the forum here for all my friends opinion...Check it out....Thanks for asking...
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                        • Master Control 1998

                          Here is my first entry for this week and the items that I used:

                          Kit 1 - Background (color adjusted) and the flowers (colors adjusted)
                          Kit 2 - Template 3 (colors adjusted)and the wire
                          Kit 3 - The heart charm (color adjusted) and the pearl (color adjusted)
                          Kit 4 - The border is a background with a shape inversion, the metal frame
                          and the floral embie
                          *Note* I also changed the shadow color

                          Something about me: I won a position in the Texas All-State Choir and later received a singing scholarship to Bible College for the group, Psallousi Sound, later starting my own group, Master Control. I now help lead worship in my church and have recorded a CD.

                          Proud Marine Mom who loves to scrap those grandsons...and, oh yeah, the rest of the family, too!


                          • Val You Do Take Beautiful Pictures and Your LayOut is Perfect!!!! Wanna Come to Texas?


                            • Here's mine. Know the requirements stated 'only one photo of yourself'; however, it did not say that it could not include anyone else, so hope this photo is OK for the challenge. Walking my daughter down the aisle was a special day for me too as I had been both Mother and Father to her since she was 9 years old.

                              wk 1 paper recolored for photo matting and for background
                              cluster recolored
                              wk2 bow recolored
                              butterfly recolored
                              wk3 heart, removed loop
                              shape for photo matting
                              paper for border used photo effects on it to change
                              stitches shape using paper from wk1
                              string, lightened
                              wk4 vines recolored
                              heart cluster


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                              • What a special memorable moment. Love this layout and picture. Awesome job.