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Scrappin' Challenge 2

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    LOVE the colors of this set, Michelle! THANK YOU for the freebies and another fun challenge!

    Yes, baby bird's mama came for him.

    (Shoot, I just noticed I used "i am" instead of "i'm"...oh well, LOL!)

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      Ok, got it fixed with the 2nd photo. The book shape was in the Objects shapes file of SBM2.


      In case I go missing call Moonlightpearl, Granny, twpclerk or Smile! Then have them call Crops because we're probably together at the Yoville Races!


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        So Many Faces

        This is the kit from Scrappin Challenge 2--The colors are absolutely gorgeous

        Thanks again Michelle for the kit.


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          Great kit, Michelle and wonderful layouts for the challenge. Here's mine.

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          My Buddies - pkdoll, Marion and CraftyScraps



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            Thanks Michelle for the kit and challenge and to everyone who participated with their wonderful layouts.

            Been a busy week, but finally found some time for this one.

            If I slip and fall please get a hold of crops2dawn or OnieRN to pick me back up!


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              Even though I know my lucky life is a pure gift from God, this was my title challenge. Everything is from this challenge though I used shapes for frames from: One is Fiona's Gentle Whisper Shape, I then inverted it' one is sac's - Multi layer Black,White and Gray Frame_1. The 2nd paper is used in the text of L_cky, the U is of course one of the embies!

              Happy Scrappin'! Susie

              My Buddies are
              *eng*, EclecticDiva, fourfoxes, LindaPete, O2BNGdHope,
              Pink Lollipop, Tiffanys Scraps, Autistic Wonder,
              OnieRN, Moonlightpearl, LindaPete


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                My Lucky Life

                What greater fortune is there than to be looked at with love by a child. Great Challenge.

                My friends are eye, Mahler, Marshalynn, Poppabob, MrsPeel, dillie1, diamondsden, Memphisfran and NannyBernie.


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                  I'm the Only One



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                    Ha ha gonzalesgal, that's very funny! Very clever layout, love the mono winter side.

                    Still, you can enjoy the colours of autumn before winter comes.

                    BB - FS xx
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                      Michelle I always have a hard time placing these challanges in the right place, that is why I never do them. So here goes ......
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                        This is so beautiful--LOVE IT!! Awesome job.


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                          Thanks Dillie........xo..........Michelle this is as far as I seem to be able to upload this..........I tried but I can't seem to be able to get it to where you want it to be.........I get so frustrated because I have no idea what to do with the projects once I finish them..........I keep loosing them.......i give up....


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                            Awww....Smile....what a beautiful sentiment! And beautiful layout as well!

                            In case I go missing call Moonlightpearl, Granny, twpclerk or Smile! Then have them call Crops because we're probably together at the Yoville Races!


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                              I am not sure how to do this! I hope it works.
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                                Smile don't give up, you layouts are beautiful.

                                My friends are Smile, Kimmyann ,Marshalynn, wolvsie35 and Nicole