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The Groove November 2009 Freebie Challenge

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    hahaha Granny,... you're my 'guru' , no wonder I'd make the same mistake !!
    I think now we have to copy and paste the link and use "Post Reply" rather than "Quick Reply" With "PR" we can review our posting too.

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      Here is mine.
      This is a photo from my Oct vacation.
      I used a shape from Rosana (paper under frame) and a shape from Donna's (Autistic Wonder) Misc. Shapes (the leaves).



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        Hi Granny!

        Just popping in tonight - I tried deleting the posts you mentioned but something is unusual with the posts as I'm not able to access certain delete controls. I will look into this first thing tomorrow when I can ask around and figure out a solution.

        I'm on it!

        P.S. GREAT CHALLENGE! I always think it's amazing to see the totally different ideas people come up with starting with the same elements - "magnifique!"


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          A-ha! I figured it out! tThe posts are deleted, Granny, as requested.

          Is there anything I can do to help you or one of the contributors post the image? Let me know - I'll check in tomorrow!



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            Sue, I had the same problem with the background. When I went to the page settings and tried to select image, it went to the elements rather than to the paper scraps or background. Had to go "browse" for them.

            Here's mine, Granny! This quote is SO true. I'm quick to tell her "Just wait to your kids grow up!" as I've heard the same things from my daughter that I told MY mom! Awww... life!


            In case I go missing call Moonlightpearl, Granny, twpclerk or Smile! Then have them call Crops because we're probably together at the Yoville Races!


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              Madeline Clare

              Thanks for the great challenge Granny!
              here is what I did:
              1. Changed the textures and colours of the frames
              2. Used 3 paperscraps one 2 as shapes 1 as background (changed colours)
              3. Changed colours of embies
              4. Changed colour of one paperscrap, saved as png and used as fill for title

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                I've had same problems trying to get the paper into the background, can't even find it when I'm browsing. Is it because I'm using the trial version?? They are definitely there when I choose a paper scrap or embellishment but when browsing the folder does not even come up.

                Any tips??
                Thanks Jenny


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                  Found it

                  Well for some reason now I can find the Nov challenge folder when browsing don't know what I was doing wrong. Now I can start working on my layout.


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                    Australia Zoo

                    Here's my attempt at the challenge after having problems working out how to get the scraps into background I worked it out. Still trying out version 2, seems great..... just the ability to bend text has me interested lol.

                    Now let's see if I can get my image uploaded here correctly.
                    Last edited by brodes; 11-04-2009, 08:38 AM. Reason: error


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                      November Groove challenge entry

                      Hi all

                      I'm new here...this is my first try on ScrapbookMax and also my first post on this forum so i'm not sure how it works. However, this is what i've done

                      and simple:

                      Hope its everything ok

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                        well didn't quite get the image in there but at least the link works, how do you those thumbnail images in these posts??


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                          Daria your layout is beautiful great template too.


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                            Tapestry of Life

                            Here is my Lo for the challenge..



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                              Originally posted by brodes View Post
                              Daria your layout is beautiful great template too.
                              Thank you very much brodes! Glad you like it and hope you have fun using it



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                                Looking good's mine!

                                First time using the new scrapbook software! I like it!