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The Groove November 2009 Freebie Challenge

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    November Groove challenge 2nd entry

    This is my second attempt for the contest. I used background, papers, paper-scraps, frames, elements made by me from the groove template kit papers, and caption text as well, and recolored em all; i added some personal embellishments.

    Here my layout.

    Hope you like it.

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      Daria, I love your template. It is sooo adorable!


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        So beautiful. Awesome--Love IT.


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          Ladies, you're incredible. I'm drooling all over my keyboard. You guys are going to have to buy me a new one!!! Every single layout so far is absolutely precious!!! How can we possibly pick a winner, you are all winners!!! Don't let Karin know I said that!

          Really, I'm blown away by your creativity. Anybody out there want to donate part of their brain to me, please contact me asap!!! Keep up the good work. I'm going to be the one that is going to win the most, because I'm learning so much from all of you.

          THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

          Marion , Steve, Moonbeam, Ladybug, Wolvsie, Fourfoxes, Vanessa, PinkLollipop and Winnie49 are my buddies!!!

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            I saw that, Granny !

            And I totally agree - everyone's layouts are absolutely grand!

            Great challenge!



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              The pages are just everyone has so much talent...
              I was wondering...maybe I missed reading it..(I am not much into reading lol) but I didn't see where it said if you up load only one for each week or the more the better chance...and if it is a drawing or you chose the one you think is best...I am just trying to decide if the one I did is all I am to do...thanks in advance and sorry if you have already told us somewhere...Laurie J.
              My sister My friend KPierce


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                Ok Granny, sure hope that I met all your requirements. Was having so much fun with this one, kept forgetting to look at the challenge details. Thanks for the kit and challenge.

                Used tiles for background, spinner shape and titling. Recolored the frame and used the same shape on that as the photo.

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                  Beautiful template! I love the colors and all the elements!


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                    I remember when the farmers would get together and do everyone's haying.

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                      I love this--Great Layout..



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                        Here is my layout for this challenge, my beautiful daughter Angela and her husband Ryan.
                        Credits go to:
                        1. Fiona's butterfly shape using tile 8
                        2. Fiona's cutout rose shape using tile 01
                        3. MommaBShape2 for pic & behind pic using tile 01
                        4. Sac10 shape (distorted) using tile 7 behind all.
                        5. Grunge Overlay1_whitesilk using tile 1 over everything.
                        6. Text using tile 6.

                        Happy Scrappin'! Susie

                        My Buddies are
                        *eng*, EclecticDiva, fourfoxes, LindaPete, O2BNGdHope,
                        Pink Lollipop, Tiffanys Scraps, Autistic Wonder,
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                          VE and TW... Great layouts, they are both gorgeous!!!

                          Makeyesup... Love your layout!!!! Yes, you did every thing right. There is really no wrong way to do this. I just want you to explore and use some of version 2 great new features. Every one has done just that, so you are all in the race!!!

                          Karin and I are discussing the best way to give out the prizes, so if you girls can just hang in there, we will let you know what is going on. Sorry, my mistake, it's my first time doing this challenge!!!

                          Great work, every one. Keep them coming!!!


                          Marion , Steve, Moonbeam, Ladybug, Wolvsie, Fourfoxes, Vanessa, PinkLollipop and Winnie49 are my buddies!!!

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                            Granny--you are doing an awesome job keeping us on track with this challenge. I am loving it, because it is giving me a chance to do different things with SBM 2. Thank you for everything. Liz


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                              Wyatt and Daddy

                              I love the kit and any opportunity to show off a photo of the grandsons! LOL...Here is my contribution and how I used pieces:

                              The main background is tile 7
                              The border is tile 8, using shape 50, inverted
                              Paper scrap tile 3 is behind the photo using shape 1 and used funky fusion shape 1 for the photo itself
                              The title is sporting the texture of tile 4
                              "Hand torn" scrap is from tile 1 and shape 128
                              Frame 1 is around the title
                              Also added buttons and pin

                              Last edited by lemonade6363; 11-06-2009, 11:53 AM. Reason: forgot to add LO
                              Proud Marine Mom who loves to scrap those grandsons...and, oh yeah, the rest of the family, too!


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                                I decide to participate in this wonderful challenge, too.
                                Unfortunately I don't have SBM2 but I installed a trial version.
                                Hope to have done everything what I was supposed to do

                                here is my LO: