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    Valerie Elaine blinkie ready!!

    Bless you SUSIE! Thanks for putting Carena's uploading directions for our new blinkies!! You did it!! Whew..haven't had time to come up with a visual for that!!

    Dillie..I will go back and make the adjustments to your heart to make it "Sing" for us!! LOL..THanks!!

    Valerie Elaine!! here is your blinkie!!

    Whew..I'm all caught up!! HUM..thought more folks would like to have their own SBM version 2.0 blinkie!! LOL..oh..well..

    While I twindle my thumbs on next person to drop off their blinkie desires..I'll go touch up OB and dillie's!! Put some Polish on those!!

    You all have done FANTASTIC job putting your ideas together!! and made excellent examples for folks to follow!! SQUEEZE the stuffin out of ya!!


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      I love it love it love ittt!!!!!

      My friends are Smile, Kimmyann ,Marshalynn, wolvsie35 and Nicole


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        Super fantastic, love it, thank you so very much. Going now to upload it.

        My friends are eye, Mahler, Marshalynn, Poppabob, MrsPeel, dillie1, diamondsden, Memphisfran and NannyBernie.


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          Yeah!! So glad you liked them!! Need to hear from OB for changes to hers! I greatly modified hers due to lack of time..but now..I can manage all those details!! LOL

          For those that already have your SBM blinkies done and would like me to tackle the "personal" blinkies for you..throw those in here now..don't have to wait til next week..It's very impressive what you all have come up with already!! Wow..Lots of scene changes.. I do realize this is alot of thinking and planning out for you I think mixing the SBM blinkie and personal blinkies over the two weeks will be fine now that we have established the HOW to's of it!!

          THINGS I would like you to remember when designing your blinkies!

          1) Type of font and size for readability in small environment..the final size of the blinkies will be 150x50 pixels..So a thin font would not make it readable in final product

          2) Frame changes have not only an INTRO but an mention how you want it to EXIT too..I usually do a pop or fade out..can cut, splice..whatever you wish..I will work the effort..I like the learning and trying new things!!

          3) Please do not use outside fonts if possible..I had to hunt for 3 new fonts to do one of the blinkies..just to be sure it came out as she had hoped..I like the new fonts I added..but if you can stick to SBM 40 fonts..and arial type fonts..OR tell me where to get the font of your choice (freebies only please..LOL) That would be MOST helpful!!

          You can use whatever kits you wish for your personal blinkies! That is not a problem. If you can send me an email with link to your smt if you are worried about folks taking your work up and having copyright issues..I will not be using them for anything other than your blinkie workups.

          SUSIE...twpclerk..has LINK to Carena's awesome tutorial provided in this challenge for INSTRUCTIONS as to how to upload your blinkies...So if you need help..look for her post..

          Again..THANKS for all the enthusiasm!! This is a CHALLENGE!! LOL...



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            I placed my Challange in the gallery because I honestly don't know what to do with it. Maybe someone can help me.....................I am not the brightest craylon in the box......... I did look at the tutorial but I still am lost...
            Last edited by Smile; 11-12-2009, 10:09 AM.


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              Yeah Smile!! good to see you!! Your template is great!! nice and BRIGHT!!! LOL..

              Just submit your .smt or .sm2t template to this thread..I'll do the rest!! and you should have your blinkie back within 24 hours!! That simple...You've done the hard part already!!

              Thanks girl!!


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                Dillie revised blinkie

                OK Dillie..took out the raining hearts and replaced with subtle ones like the drop. Hope this is better! I like better for sure!! THanks!!

                Smile..if you need help knowing how to upload your template..

                Go to FIle:Export template
                Get on MAX online..find this a post
                go down page and click on manage attachments
                Browse to your Documents: ScrapbookMax: templates and look for your blinkie work up.. and click upload...wait till it uploads and shows you a blue line with name of your smt.

                Then type a few lines in your post and hit submit..That will give me your template with all the layers I need to work up your blinkie!!

                Now to polish OB's!!


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                  Perfect, Donna--thank you, thank you!! I really love it. Now on to part 2 of the challenge. Thank you again!!


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                    O2BNgHope blinkie revision ready!

                    ah..yes!! Dillie!! we both happy now!! LOL

                    Ok..OB the revision done!! Not sure I got the "fold" right?? but tried..
                    and slowed the letters down in you name..put in the Max imum..which I really like that feature you have there!! and left the end as is..too hard to space all those letters out and get it to bounce..Trying to keep all these blinkies under 200 or less frames each..As is it's at 150 frames..

                    I created an action about 6 months ago I made for blinkies that has a paper tear in it and I can use whatever pattern in it..I'd love to try it out on one of your blinkies ..I've never used it on anyone's blinkie yet and would love to see how you like it..peals a piece of paper back to show under side...

                    I'm all caught up..just waiting for SMILE to send her template so I can work it up!!

                    HUGS ladies..You will be soooo ready for the PERSONAL blinkies I'm sure!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!


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                      I am completely lost with this Challenge - I need to be shown physically as some instructions do not sink in well with this old chook !!!

                      But they are absolutely all fabulous good onya ladies!!!!
                      My Buddies are: Angelwithin, O2BNGdhope, Moonlight Pearl, Marion, , pkdoll, Smile, Eye, Oceania


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                        Hello Donna I tried it your way but it said the format was too big so I am trying it this way and I hope it is workable...........
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                          I will be going away visiting family this weekend, so I thought I would submit something before I leave. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you Donna for this great challenge and especially for making the end results of our blinkies. LOVE IT!!
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                            Smile, I have to have the smt format to do the blinkies..So to bring down the size of your template..simply take out the drop shadow to see if that helps..

                            If I use as is..I will have a very hard time with moving objects in your scenes ..I could try..but looks yuky..taking out the white..but that's tons more work for me..take too long to make it..

                            ScrappyAggie..GLAD to see you!! We have tons of examples to follow for you already in here..So take a template and look at final product is best way to understand the process!! Then give it a try!! Fill in the blank format with something simple and we can work up from there!!

                            Dillie...LOVE your workup!! THanks sweetie!! What a nice surprise to come back to!!

                            Dentist appointment for one of my boys..Will check in in a few hours!! I'll get cracking on your's Dillie!!



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                              Yeah..first time for novacaine for son and he didn't have an allergic reaction..whew..and he did very well!!

                              Now..jotted down an outline for a simple template for you to just add how you want your name to read in a simple SBM blinkie version...but will have to wait to get the blinkie done and uploaded until after SHOPPING trip!!

                              So for you that would love to have a SPECIAL blinkie but are still lost with how to do the format for it..You will only need to fill in the one blank space and submit that for me to make it for you!! ANd then once you get the hang of how it's can do more versions of your own!! Just please..try to keep it simple...LOL..You all are really putting lots into your blinkies..



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                                i hope this will work. My personal blinkie.
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                                My friends are Smile, Kimmyann ,Marshalynn, wolvsie35 and Nicole