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Scrappin' Challenge 3 ~ Hosted by Autisticwonder

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  • My computer froze right at the end of smiles blinkie..and I really liked the transitions..and my computer FROOOZZZEEEE!! and I forgot to save the file as I went had to take myself out behind the barn for a good spanking..back now..LOL...urgh!!! Notes all over my desk now..SAVE, sAvE, SAVVVEEEEE!!!

    I'll have some finished before I retire!! Smile's for sure!! SLAP ME!!

    Michelle..I sure could you a cup of mojo!! Mocha latte!! heeheheheheeh!! THANKS!!!



    • Smile..blinkie ready...Smile please!! LOL

      SMile girl..ScrappyAggie put this together for here it is...She loves you lots for sure!! and so do I!! Hope this puts the SMILE back on your face!!!

      Now..The rest of the unfinished are wonderful easy ones to do..So back to work!! LOL..


      • WOW DONNA that came out FABULOUS - thanks heaps - as you say hope it puts a smile on Smiles face hugs
        My Buddies are: Angelwithin, O2BNGdhope, Moonlight Pearl, Marion, , pkdoll, Smile, Eye, Oceania


        • Awww....Aggie that looks great! She's sure to love it!

          In case I go missing call Moonlightpearl, Granny, twpclerk or Smile! Then have them call Crops because we're probably together at the Yoville Races!


          • Michelle's Blinkie ready!!

  're up!! Hope this is what you wanted..wasn't always sure ..

   one up..will be Angelwithin..Fiona's..then Nanwu!! yippie!!

            Anyone else??

            Hey..were did Daria's go?? missing her image!! bummer....


            • Fiona's (Angelwithin) Blinkie ready!!

              And here is Fiona's simply WONDERFUL SBM blinkie to share!!

              YEAH!! Now to do Nanwu's and Kpierce has one coming too!! anyone else? Still have a few days for this challenge to do either/or SBM blinkie or personal blinkie!

              HUGS you WONDERFUL scrappers!! Maximizers for sure!! You can now do most of your own blinkies..The write up is the hardest part!!



              • Donna that is fabulous, I love the transistions

                An Exclusive Scrapbook Max designer
                , Check out my store

                "If you look around and think the world is missing something, it is probably the gift you were supposed to be bringing."


                • Donna...I JUST LOVE MINE!!!!!! I also love the transitions...Thanks so much...You do such a wonderful job!!!!! HUGS!!!
                  I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


                  • Nanwu's blinkie ready!!

                    Nanwu!! Loved the colors..I took some liberties with yours..Hope you like!!

                    Now to do Kpierce..her file too large to upload folks..if you wish to send to my email address..PM me at max and I'll send you my personal email account..Don't want everyone to have it..LOL..THANKS!!

                    Sorry..couldn't get these done sooner..Son has been to dentist everyday this week except today! filling cancellations to get him done faster!! He HAPPY!! too!!!

                    Now I'm free for next 3 load me up!!



                    • Kpierce is ready!!

                      Kpierce!! and here it is!! Fun with curly ques!! LOL

                      Now I'm all caught up..does anyone have need of revisions to their blinkies?? or anyone want to personalize any one of the ones created??? Just say the word!!

                      WAy to GO you all!! EXCELLENT work on your writeups!! You are pro's now..So it will be much easier and more YOU for future blinkie productions!! I LOVE it!!


                      • Wow, it is like a Blinkie Xmas Tree here. Donna thank you so much for this challenge you have done an awesome job with our blinkies and keeping us on track--I still know what day it is . Everyone, great job--My eyes are still Blinking from the Blinkies....


                        • Thanks Dillie1!! Glad you are HaPpY!! going to go pop some popcorn and watch a TV show til someone gives me something to do for them!!


                          • Got my blinkie.....and thank you so much I think it's awesome

                            My buddies are Angelwithin, omajo, babylicious36, all my memories. and Angle


                            • Wow, y'all have sure been causing a blinkin' ruckus in here! LOL!

                              What a GREAT challenge, Donna! You do realize that you've probably created blinkie monsters... ha ha ha

                              Everyone, you've ALL done such an AMAZING job with your blinkies! Such a variety and each one a jewel! BRAVO!!

                              Be good to your favorite designer (I used to be one!) by LETTING THEM KNOW how much you appreciate their work!


                              • Thank you Donna. Mine is beautiful. I was not as creative as the other ladies but this was my first blinkie. I love it. You do so good with all the blinkies. It sure looks blinkie out here. If you go to PhotoBucket it is even more so cause they are all right there blinking at you

                                Thanks for the fun, fun, fun challenge.
                                My buddy is GrannyWin.
                                My sister, my friend, Laurie016. My daughter, mortonmomof2.