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December Designer Challenge hosted by Michelle McCoy {wolvsie35}

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    I accept with information:
    To make this easier (and it is not mentoned in the instructions...I forgot)...Open a new scrapbook and make your working area 3x3...Alpha's don't have to be huge...LOL...Plus this will keep the file size down so you can zip up your alphabet for others to have....

    There are many programs out there for FREE, in zipping files...Just google it...(and this is only an option if you want to give yours away)...Just remember the max size for a zip file is 5mb...K? Open a new scrapbook page and go into page settings and change the size to 3x3..and you should be fine....

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      Here is my layout. These are my beautiful babies. I used the Paws Prints by Dillie1 and a mini kit called Pretty Preppy by Pickngrin. Thank you so much for this great kit...I just love the Paws they are so cute!!!



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        Our Fur Babies. (Looks Like BlueVelvet and I had about the same idea going)

        Thank you to BlueVelvet for the beautiful Needlepoint Alpha; Pickngrin--frames and doilies, red ribbons from Strawberry-n-cream--add on kit in June Challenge; and Michelle for your Background and brown tie from November Scrappin Challenge 1. A big THANK YOU for making this a great challenge. Everyone Great Job!!


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          Its really nice to see your alphas at work! lol thanks dillie1. Yes we did have the same idea...I saw those paw prints and had to use them...gotta love them furbabies!!!


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            Just a little scratch

            1. Alphabet by dillie1
            2. Background paper from Carena's Challenge "Sweetie Kit"
            3. Paper scrap and embies from Crafty Scraps wk 2 challenge
            4. Frames and laces from Angelwithin's Rose Pearl kit
            Thank you to all for your generosity.

            My friends are eye, Mahler, Marshalynn, Poppabob, MrsPeel, dillie1, diamondsden, Memphisfran and NannyBernie.


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              These are awesome--love the layouts. Job Well done Everyone!!
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                Originally posted by PixyGirl View Post
                Can you post a link to your icy blue Christmas? I could not find it at the store. Thanks.
                Sorry it has taken me so long to get on here...I have been dealing with an allergic reation to a new medicine I was put on, so now, even when feeling so crappy...They are taking me off some meds, putting me on some other new ones, etc etc...and UGH...I hope this is over before the

                Pixy, the kit was too large to upload it into our SBM store, so it is a challenge at my Crafty Scraps Chat dot com...Sorry about that...But you could win it by making a layout here...<wink>

                To everyone who has made a layout so far...They are just awesome...I hope you are enjoying this one!...I see the paw print alpha is a huge hit... all of you have been entered in the drawing, and there is still time to get in...Great job everyone! Love the creativity!
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                  For this page I used TheFreeSpirit's alpha 2. Everything else if from Carena's Mini Bug Challenge.

                  Mary S


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                    Here is mine.

                    3 Papers: Wolvsie35 (Used 2 to make background),
                    eye for the star
                    2 Embellishments: Christmas ornaments by Angelwithin
                    Tree by BobbyBear
                    1 Frame: present frame by Sylvia
                    1 star shape: wolvsie
                    1 freebie: Overlay is a cropped frame by Sylvia
                    1 ribbon bow: Wolvsie35



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                      tanni, I lust love your page...I am a sucker for doodles...<wink> and you made it all come together so nicely...

                      Gotart...the creativity with your page was done in such a great manner...The presents pop out to me, and was a great idea...Cute photo too...
                      I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                        Ok ladies (and gents)...the Christmas Holiday is over, and tomorrow 3 winners get announced...If you want to WIN ANY KIT from my store, now is the time to try and do this...All you have to do is follow the challenge, and get a layout done...<wink> I understand the holidays can be stressful...yadda yadda...I was there...LOL....I just wanted to remind everyone, that today was the last day to get a layout done...

                        This was an awesome challenge and I had loads of fun downloading all the goodies too...Thanks for all your support...((HUGS))
                        I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                          And The Winners Are....

                          I have three winners for you....and when I call your name, please email me here with the kit of your choice from my part of the store....I will send you a link for downloading it...

                          Again...thanks for all your support...((HUGS)) and CONGRATS to these three...

                          I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                            congrats to the must have been really hard to choose from all the fantastic layouts in this challenge

                            My buddies are Angelwithin, omajo, babylicious36, all my memories. and Angle


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                              WOW! what a surprise, there were so many great pages! Congrats to ValerieElaine and Gotart.
                              Mary S


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                                help with alphabets


                                I posted this to the wrong theread....

                                but I was trying to do an alphabet and it does not give me the option of picking the pattern. Any idea???? I know it's too late for the challenge but I wanted to learn how to do them. Sorry this is in the wrong thread.

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                                Dina AKA MemphisFran