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Scrappin' Challenge 6

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  • Scrappin' Challenge 6

    First off, I want to thank Tina for doing Challenge 5...I loved the idea..and some wonderful layouts were created for it too...Thank You Sweetie...

    Now, it's time for #6...This challenge will be a little treasure hunt as well...<wink> Doesn't that sound like fun..? Oh, but it

    Your challenge is to make a layout using ONLY the freebies I am asking you to find...These items can be found in the embellishment a search to make it easier if need be...(hint hint) your page can ONLY be made using what you found...

    Here is your list:
    1 or 2 of Wolvsie35's papers
    2 of eye's embellishments
    1 of Sylvia's frames
    1 of Angelwithin's shapes
    1 of bluevelvet's freebies (any)
    1 ribbon (tell us who made it)

    Change colors of the items you find as needed...
    Upload your page to the Weekly Catagory in the gallery...Post your layout here...Please let us know about the items you used on your creation...

    On Sunday (Dec.20th), I will pick TWO winners for a SUPER DOOPER prize...I will be judging these on how well you found and used all the creativity...You have a week, so take your
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    Eliza Kate

    OK I think i did it all! 2 papers from wolvsie (background and circle shape), 1 frame from sylvia (I used three), 2 embies from eye (2 branches), 1 embie from bluevelvet (lace circle), 1 shape from Angelwithin (circle), and the ribbon is from bluevelvet. Thank you to all these people, and big thanks to Michelle for the challenge.

    My friends are eye, Mahler, Marshalynn, Poppabob, MrsPeel, dillie1, diamondsden, Memphisfran and NannyBernie.


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      This page is great!!! Wow...Love the colors...Glad you jumped in so you did it right...((HUGS))
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        What a FUN idea girl!!!! LOVE IT!
        Don't procrastinate being happy!
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          This challenge is very challenging, and loved every bit of it. I have found allot of great items in the Embellishment part of the form. I thank everyone for the beautiful work that I found.

          1) Background is paper from Michelle's Peace Kit (7/27/07)
          2) The different poses of the People are from EYE's brushes (3/5/07)
          3) Beautiful Frame from Sylvia Esther (10/20/09)
          4) Corner Shapes from AngelWithIn Rose Pearl Kit (1/6/09)
          5) Ground Cover--lace doily cropped and colorized from BlueVelvet 6/4/07
          6) Ribbon in the girls hat--MammaBird 5/31/08

          Thank you all for these great things and to Michelle for a great challenge.


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            So very well done, I just love it to pieces! Great colours, too.

            My friends are eye, Mahler, Marshalynn, Poppabob, MrsPeel, dillie1, diamondsden, Memphisfran and NannyBernie.


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              Hope I did this right.

              2 papers -Michelle
              frame- sylviaester
              lattice - Bluevelvet
              flowers & gold leaves - eye
              cornershape - angelwithin
              ribbonbow= Moonbeam

              My friends are Smile, Kimmyann ,Marshalynn, wolvsie35 and Nicole


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                These are amazing layouts...I can't believe the mojo flowing in here...!!!

                Valerie, the photo is adorable...I love birds...and listening to cardinals is so great..they have such a unique sound...<wink> I love your page too!!! Very creative....

                dillie...Awesome Vintage page...isn't it so nice of all these people to offer so much in our forum! I love how that little teddy bear is just sitting he is asking for someone to pick him up...Too cute...hehe...

                I wish you two luck in the contest...
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                  American Heros

                  Here is my the challenge Wolvsie!!!
                  Actually I ended up using 4 papers from Wolvsie for the background and the different shapes. The corner and the color bursts are from eye (the bursts reminded me of fireworks), the photo frame from Sylvia, the awesome shape of the children parading with the flag is bluevelvet's, the ribbon is from a freebie kit given by sacannon and the oval shape framing my son is from angelwithin. LOL...I think I got it all!!!

                  Proud Marine Mom who loves to scrap those grandsons...and, oh yeah, the rest of the family, too!


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                    This was pretty cool...Thanks for the challenge Michelle and thanks Angelwithin,Sylvia,Eye for all the freebies.
                    background paper/paper for butterfly-wolvsie/just peachy kit
                    butterfly shape-angelwithin
                    flower on frame/orange ice embie-eye
                    yellow flower-bluevelvet(me)
                    ribbon-wolvsie/just peachy kit
                    Photo is from the Botanical Gardens in Fort Wayne Indiana



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                      Pam ~ I love military pages...Each and everyone of them, melt my heart...((HUGS to you))

                      Blue...Love peach..<wink> and the photo used is so lovely...
                      Great layout you two...

                      I am going to have a hard time with this week'
                      I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                        Finally got mine done. My daughter helped do her page, she loves green and yellow. The background is recolored from craftyscraps Anne kit, the yellow paper used with angelwithin's mosaic shape is from craftyscraps Polkadotted Kiss kit (recolored), the floral side border and little pink and white flowers on the frame are by eye, the frame is from sylvia's free frames 2, the fan (recolored) is from bluevelvet, and the ribbon is from rosana brito (recolored).

                        While looking for one last thing on that page I found the red rose embies from eye and couldn't resist doing a page on my dh with them. The red rose corners and the red embie on the top right corner of the frame are by eye. The background and the glitter paper in angelwithin's rose shape are recolored from craftyscraps Oct groove challenge. I recolored a doily from bluevelvet, and used a ribbon by Deanne that I recolored. The frame is frame07 from sylvia. Whew, think I got everything credited.

                        Mary S


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                          Mary...both pages turned out great!!! Love the colors in the first one, and I can feel the romance you put into the second all I can say..

                          Ok, everyone, I need to sit back and examine these pages...<wink> The day is not over with yet (well, for me, so I promise to be back soon and announce the two lucky winners! Thanks to everyone who joined in this week, even through the busy season....((HUGS))
                          I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                            One last lo. Actually got to stay home most of yesterday and get lots of scrapping done.

                            background -craftyscraps Icy Blue Christmas
                            paper in the frame - craftyscraps Dec freebie
                            frame - sylvia
                            pinecone embie and white poinsetta - eye
                            ribbon - craftyscraps - Icy Blue Christmas
                            photoshape - angelwithin
                            Merry Christmas wordart - bluevelvet
                            Mary S


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                              And the Winners are!!!!

                              I took a little break last night from the computer, and I fell asleep...lmbo!!! so sorry everyone...I apologize....UGH...Anywho...based on creativity I finally picked two winners..It wasn't easy for me either, so I got my youngest involved...he has an artisitic mind as well...(He got that from we actually picked the same ones...

                              We decided on Sylvia and Pam (lemonade) for their wonderful creativity!

                              Sylvia and Pam Congratulations!!!!!

                              You each are to email me with your choice of a FREE Template kit of mine...But must be in the recent 10 that was added to the store...I will then email you back with a link to download your choice...

                              Thanks to everyone who participated...and all your pages were wonderful...

                              I will be posting my next challenge soon...I am putting it all
                              I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!