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Scrapbook MAX! v2.0.4.0 (free update for v2.0 owners)

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  • Scrapbook MAX! v2.0.4.0 (free update for v2.0 owners)

    Hello everyone!

    Just in time for Christmas! We've just released a new update for Scrapbook MAX! - version This is a free update for anyone who owns Scrapbook MAX! 2.0. It contains some neat new features (like a cool eraser!), plus it fixes up a few minor bugs that were discovered in the past little while.

    To get your free update, simple start up Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 and then go to the 'Help' menu and choose 'Check for Update'. Follow the prompts and that's it. The update file is quite small, so it will only take a couple of minutes to download and install.

    Release History - December 23, 2009
    New Features:
    • Increased the maximum size of all objects.
    • Fixed a problem with the Scrapbook MAX! updater application.
    • Fixed a bug where the eraser was not being preserved when importing a page from another project.
    • Fixed a bug where Scrapbook Max! would sometimes crash during an undo when the ruler was visible.
    • Fixed a bug where the eraser would sometimes not display properly on photos or embellishments.
    • Made it so that effects cannot be applied to cleared photos. - December 18, 2009
    New Features:
    • Added an eraser allowing you to erase parts of an image by making them transparent. This feature can be found under the "Effects" program menu, Effects > Eraser.
    • Improved the accuracy of custom shape masks.
    • Added midpoint handles to the selection box for images and journal text.
    • Improved the handling of 8-bit grayscale images.
    • Improved the quality of print preview (at the expense of using more memory).
    • Behaviour Change: When multiple objects are selected, you can only rotate around the dominant object -- you can no longer begin a rotation by clicking near the corner of a non-dominant object. This was done to make it easier to move objects when you have more than one selected and they overlap.
    • Behaviour Change: When multiple objects are selected, you can now move them by dragging the round resize handles on the dominant object (or where the round handles would be on the non-dominant objects). Prior to this change, all left clicks within the round handle zones were ignored. This was done to make it easer to move groups of very small objects on the page without needing to zoom in first.
    • Improved the drawing speed when there are cleared images on the page.
    • Improved the loading of 8-bit PNG image files.
    • Added the ability to set the position of an object by pressing 'P' and entering the x,y values directly.
    • Added the ability to set the size of an object by pressing 'S' and entering the width and height values directly.
    • Added the ability to set the rotation angle of an object by pressing 'A' and entering an angle in degrees.
    • Fixed a bug where shadows weren't drawing for cleared images.
    • Fixed a bug in journal text where the lines drawn after an empty line would be drawn twice so they looked darker than they should be (because of the antialiasing being drawn twice).
    • Fixed a bug where the preview window surface wasn't large enough when a properties dialog was resized wider than 1600 pixels (the properties dialog now works properly when maximized on widescreen monitors or stretched across multiple displays).
    • Fixed a bug where the rulers would sometimes not update properly.
    • Fixed a bug where opening version 1.0 projects that were based off of the blank template would use the new project page size instead of the internal setting.
    • Fixed a bug where the crop image was not always centering properly.
    • Made it so the correct filter is used for temporary resize folder images when set to something other than "Area Average."
    • Fixed an issue where there would be a grey fringe around objects when saving the page or object as a 32-bit PNG with transparency.
    • Fixed a bug where the custom shape was not always showing in the preview after double-clicking straight to the Advanced tab and then switching to the Settings tab.
    • Fixed a rare bug where things wouldn't redraw properly when resizing a small object larger (objects disappearing, etc.). - October 19, 2009
    • Fixed a layer redraw bug when using Edit > Cut.
    • Made it attempt to correct the flipped image bug when loading old projects. - October 16, 2009
    New Features:
    • Added the ability to save objects as PNG files via the Right-Click menu.
    • Now you can use Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 to create embellishments!
    • Added the ability to resize bendable caption objects, ribbon text objects, and multiple objects by selecting the object(s) and pressing and holding down the shift key.
    • Added the ability to colorize photos, paper scraps, and embellishments using a color picker. This can be activated from each object's advanced tab.
    • Added proper support for the restart messages from Windows.
    • Added in the Adjust Color option to the effects menu.
    • Made it so that when the Full Size publish preset is chosen and you make changes advanced options, the width and height are grayed out and the preset does not change automatically to Custom. Done for all publish dialogs.
    • Added a preference to control the default page size of a new blank project.
    • You can now control the quality of images displayed in the design environment of Scrapbook MAX! using the Display Quality preference. If you want faster or better quality results in the design environment feel free to alter these preferences. Note: This has not effect on your output.
    • Made the color picker only work within the main application window.
    • Fixed a bug where the scroll position was not being saved for pages that have Zoom To Fit enabled.
    • Fixed a bug where images were not using the correct initial size when added to Scrapbook MAX!
    • Fixed a bug where photo objects would sometimes be incorrectly sized when cropping and switching to new images.
    • Fixed the way that embellishments are sized when selecting a new embellishment from the properties dialog for a new embellishment.
    • Fixed a but where shadows were causing issues with flipped images.
    • Fixed a bug on the Page > Save As Image dialog where the "Make a background transparent" option is incorrectly shown in some cases.
    • Fixed a bug where thumbnails and browse dialogs were not working on some people's computers.
    Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!