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Scrapping Challenge 9 ~ hosted by Autisticwonder

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  • Scrapping Challenge 9 ~ hosted by Autisticwonder

    take it away donna

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    THanks Fiona!!

    Alrighty...let's get cracking on having fun using GAMES in our SCRAPBOOK MAX program..


    To get your minds rollin...let's start SIMPLE

    ScrapbookMax can be used opened to play on screen
    or make a template to cut out for play some where else..

    This weeks GOAL!!
    1) Submit a template GAME with directions if needed to play ON SCREEN or TO CUT out and play

    Hoping we can collect alot of fun games to personalize for our own needs.

    Crossword puzzles
    Flash cards
    Picture puzzles
    Fill in the BLANKS
    Word find
    Match ups

    Kids often need help memorizing things like periodic tables, multiplication
    tables, ABC's, and sooo much more..How about your FAVORITE quotes,
    poems, scriptures..etc..

    To get us started I 've made a very simple TIC TAC TOE sheet and included the
    shapes to help line up pieces for the XO"s ..and ideas to place the directions..
    This is JUST an example starter..Tic TAC TOE can be done with BUTTONS and BOWS,
    or HANDS and FEET, FLOWERS , name it..the pieces can be done
    anyway you like..Just play the game like regular TIC TAC TOE..

    So if you don't have 2.0 version use the shapes to get you started..
    If you don't want to do TIC TAC all means do whatever game you wish!!

    SUBMIT your PICTURE of your game OR better yet..submit the SMT form of it..

    THANKS SO MUCH for the fun!! ONly have a week to do it and alot of thought needed
    for it..

    USE what you have on hand to create it!

    Let's get going!!
    HUM..I need to learn HOW to add attachments to this..oops..Hang on!!LOL


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      Here are the 4 shared links..

      Let me know if these don't work..



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        Donna, this sounds fun!!!!!
        Thanks for getting this in today...I have been without a computer now for a couple days and was wondering if you were taking this week you Fiona for opening the thread too! I apologize....I have no clue what happened to my just decided not to work...<wink> So I had to redo the whole thing...and hopefully, (fingers crossed) I will be up and running again is so nice to have a computer geek for a BF...LMBO!!!! Anywho, I don't have much time, and need to check some other things out yet as well...((HUGS)) and again, thanks bunches!!!!!!
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          Hi Fiona, good to see you back. Unusual Challenge Donna..... Very Interesting!!!! Just a quickie to begin, will think on this challenge a little further later in the week. But here is one to start.
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          All the best from Nanny Bernie.
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            WAY COOL Nannybernie!! YES, YES!! LOVE it!! THanks girl!! You are FAST!! You totally have the idea!!


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              Using the same base as previous game, altered just a little to give you different option. Floral Match Up.
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              All the best from Nanny Bernie.
              Friends with Wolvsie35, Carena, TheFreeSpirit, Omajo & Sylvia Esther



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                LOVE floral stuff!! TOO FUN!! oh..lovely lady..please put your wonderful initials on there so we don't overwrite your fun game!! HUGS Girlfriend!! LOL..


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                  Way cool stuff here...!!!!!! I am still thinking of one, and will come up with something before the end of the week...Now that I have my computer back!!!!!!!! LOL....I sure missed it...
                  I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                    Glad you got your computer back Wolvsie!! Love to see what you come up with!! THANKS!!!


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                      OK, I don't really think this is what you had in mind, but this is a game we used to play with the children and still do play occasionally when we're all together and feeling silly and nostalgic.

                      We used to call it Tree Bush. Print off your work sheets, you can have 2 goes to a sheet. You don't need anything but a pencil and perhaps a book to find an initial letter from.

                      Pick a letter to begin with and set the timer for 2 minutes, then see who can get the most words. Each word scores 1, but if you have a word no one else has thought of you get 2 points.

                      I think it will make a nice SB background for childhood photos too.

                      Blessings - FS xx

                      ps: you have doubtless noticed there is no Bush mentioned in our game. That is because none of us could usually think of any and even when we could, there was too much discussion on where a bush ended and a tree began! So we knocked out the Bush, but that's what we still call it!

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                        VEry exciting game fun FreeSpirit!!

                        So if I understand this correctly..ANIMAL..I would have to list animals that start with the letter A or one your group picks..then list at least two words beginning with that initial??

                        What a fun family game!!

                        This is exactly what I was hoping for and you and nannybernie are right on target!! LOVE the templates you have created!!

                        WE get so wrapped up in just templates and cards..we forget about fun activities like GAMES we can create in SBM as well.

                        Keep em coming!! THANKS bunches for your donations!!



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                          After a week of having a puter virus and then having to buy a new puter and getting everything back up and running I was able to finish this finally. Here is my game called Cowabunga using Michelles Millie Mae kit.
                          Here are the directions
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                            YEAH bluevelvet!! SOOO PRETTY!! How do you play it? are directions included? Please be sure folks to put YOUR INITIALS with it..otherwise it stands a chance of getting overwritten!!
                            WONDERFUL JOB!!

                            KEep em coming!! I'll post some more grids for Bingo type stuff and crossword puzzels tomorrow~~

                            THANKS all!!


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                              Here is a "Hidden Object" Game. Just find the objects from the list.

                              DH_Hidden Object.sm2t
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