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March 2010 Designer Challenge hosted by Donna Thomas {autisticwonder}

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  • March 2010 Designer Challenge hosted by Donna Thomas {autisticwonder}

    Our March 2010 Designer Challenge is hosted by Donna Thomas {autisticwonder}

    Be good to your favorite designer (I used to be one!) by LETTING THEM KNOW how much you appreciate their work!

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    YEE HAW!! REady for some more SHARING TIME?

    THis Month's CHALLENGE THEME is Campaign 2010!!!

    Want you to do a layout to CAMPAIGN for your favorite someone for a certain position in YOUR government in life..

    For example: King of Kissers...Vote goes to my HUSBAND ..yada yada yada..

    President of my FAN CLUB ....My indorcement goes to so and so..LOL..list of qualifications..

    Luckiest Person in the vote goes to "someone"..etc..

    March has St. Patrick's Day, Eyes of March, End of Winter, etc... So you can use this CAMPAIGN theme anyway you wish..

    PRIZE DRAWING for all those that participate in this CHALLENGE...To add more chances to win...donate some of your clever artwork, templates, etc..

    PRIZE is a $20 gift award from paypal..You can use it on whatever you wish..Most places, including Max, use paypal to make purchases..all I will need is
    your email with paypal . That is only necessary for the winner of the random drawing.

    To increase your chances to win:

    1) Submit a picture of your layout = 1 chance added to drawing
    2) Submit a shareable smt template = 5 chances added to drawing
    3) Submit an embellishment, papers, etc. = 1 chance added for each embellishment, paper, tile, etc.
    4) Participate with comments = 1 chance per comment

    So let's have fun..see what your campaign looks like!!

    Due to the nature of the CHALLENGE..I have no goodie pack to offer for you..You all will do the art work this time.
    Use whatever freebies have been given already in forums..and be sure to give credits as needed.. You get credit for YOUR work
    and noone else's freebies. But working them up into a layout becomes YOUR work..



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      Oh man this one looks hard!! hmmm, need some thinking time!!


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        I love to make you all work hard!! LOL..But you all do sooooo FANTASTIC when you get challenged like this!! HAve tons of folks that love grabbing the goodies you all make!! THrills me to watch all the talented folks in here do their thing!!

        HUGS sweetie!! We have a whole month to do it!!


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          K, here's my shot at this challenge!!
          Kristine Bents and Jessica Safty are the designers of this great kit which you can snag for free (see link in Gallery)
          Because I can't post other program stuff, but have posted the link where you can get the stuff for free does that count as sharing tee hee


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            Oh..I'm sooooooooo Impressed!! THIS IS RIGHT ON GIRL!! Absolutely LOVE it!! You already have two chances in the drawing!! Go woman!!

            Keep em coming!!



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              OMG...this looks like an awesome challenge GF!!!! I am going to have to do one for this...
              KSD...what a wonderful layout!!!!!! Love them colors...and how you arranged the photo's...Very classy!
              I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                Thank you ladies!!
                Well I couldn't post a LO of one daughter and not the other, so here is our second born April
                Credits in the gallery


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                  Designer challenge March 2010. I nominate Jalen April for the Best Big Sister. She has two younger sisters, and she is the perfect big sister, she loves them both, plays with them, sings songs and reads to them, she mothers both Dominique and Paxton. She has so much patience it is unbelievable, particularly with Dominique who is a real live wire. mask was from Fiona Storey. All the rest my papers and embies, which I will post separately. Thanks for the challenge Donna

                  Dowload Template from 4shared link just double click on the journaling, photos or caption and replace with your own.
                  All the best from Nanny Bernie.
                  Friends with Wolvsie35, Carena, TheFreeSpirit, Omajo & Sylvia Esther



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                    nanniebernie and two are doing AWESOME!! GREAT job with credits!! Love the template download!! and it's only the first day!! GREAT stories!! So Happy!! Keep em coming!!



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                      Papers and embies from my template Best Big Sister

                      Here are some of my papers and embies for sharing, personal use only.
                      Please download from 4shared, all bar 1 paper are 12x12. 4 papers and 5 embies in booster pack, also forgot to put the babybreathe into the booster pack, so posted as png for you to click and save as.
                      Attached Files
                      All the best from Nanny Bernie.
                      Friends with Wolvsie35, Carena, TheFreeSpirit, Omajo & Sylvia Esther



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                        Thank you for the freebies Nanny Bernie! Beautiful as always!


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                          Yes nanniebernie...THANKS so much for the pack of wonderful goodies for all to download!! AWESOME start for the month and love what you are doing with the theme!!



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                            great pages girls =) you were so quick to do a page up in this theme! i'm still trying to think of an idea ...


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                              I have so many ideas now that I started, but I'm too shy to post any more until some other members jump in here!! ha ha