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    trying again to attach a full picture

    I will figure this out.
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      Originally posted by Frannieanne View Post
      How come mine shows up as a thumbnail instead of regular size?
      Did you post your layout to the Design Team Challenges? This is where you need to upload your layout for this challenge. Once you have completed your upload, go to additional photo details found underneath your layout and you will see three links. Copy the second called Linked Image and paste it to a reply here. I hope this helps you --please ask if you have any questions. Good Luck!!



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        Hey frannieanne, is that you my friend? If so, you sure figured this out quickly. Congrats. Even if it isn't you, welcome to our family. It is great to have you join us. Your layout is great.

        As Dillie stated, when you upload your layout, if it is for a Challenge, select the drop downs when it asks you where you want to post it. If it is for a Groove Challenge make sure you select that one and also select the bottom one for Designer Chalenges. I don't remember the exact wording right off hand. If it is for a Designer Challenge, choose the upper one for Design Challenges and the bottom Design one as well. If you are just uploading a layout to your Gallery, select My Gallery and right below it select Used Booster Packs. After you have it uploaded and posted to the appropriate galleries, click on the layout and it will open it up. Copy the middle link and then post that link in the Challenge thread it is for.

        Again, welcome. Hope you enjoy playing with us. It is great to have you. Hugs
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          Thanks lindaathome and Dillie. I will try that. Yes lindaathome, it is me. I still have some confusion, but I am going to try.


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            My computer was down yesterday so I hadn't read this... Congrats PMParker96 & thank you Michelle. Have to get looking?