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  • Scrappin' Challenge 49

    Here we are and Memorial Day is almost here already....If ANYONE can figure out a way to give me a couple more hours in a day, please let me seems like these months are just flying babbling and on to the challenge...

    This one will take us to the end of the month...All you have to do is dig around for some might have to go searching in some of them kits that you haven't paid much attention too....You need to use the items I have specified below...You can right click the preview and save it to your hard drive so you have it...I am also going to give you some examples below, so continue reading...

    Ok, so thats your list...Now for some examples...Lets take the first one on the list...where it says something with a grid...this could be a paper with a grid on it, maybe a flower...something that looks like graph paper...Or lets say something striped...this could be a flower, a background, a frame, etc...You can use each item on the list as many times as you wish, or use a striped paper and a striped flower, don't matter...You just need the items on the list and only them type of items...This could get interesting....LMBO!!

    At the end of the month, I will pick 2 winners to receive ONE free kit of mine (your choice)....Cool huh? I'm feeling will pick 2 winners based on creativity...Plus, all participants will receive a new Flair Button.....
    There is your challenge...Now get to it....and making more then one layout might help your chances on winning...<wink> can't wait to see what you all come up with this time...((HUGS))
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    I am the first brave one I see.....hope this all works!! I will be back, this was fun searching through all our stuff.
    so my grid is the plaid background - which is also my stripped paper, from original kit. Black is the writing. The clip is from Deanne Gowe's pins, fastners and Brads kit, decorative button is from the original crafty kit, the roses are from the original rose kit, the lacy is the lace from the victorian rose mini kit received through a previous challenge - it's colour is green along with the note paper from the same kit. the circle is the picture and frame from the original crafty kit. the knotted tie is from Deanne Gowe's youth come once kit.
    Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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      I made a two-page layout for this challenge. Since the theme is Memorial Day, I thought I'd do my own twist and make a memorial page for my husband's parents, who both passed a few years ago.

      Here's the rundown:
      1) grid - Carena's Natural Breeze
      2) black - the text on page 2 and the shadow text and b&w photos on page 1
      3) clip - Heritage kit
      4, 5, 6) button, rose, lace - Fiona's Victorian Rose mini kit
      7) green - paper scrap from Dina's May Quote challenge (at craftyscraps forum) I used the same paper recoloured for the aqua scrap
      8) circle - in the lace and button
      9) knotted - the bows on both pages
      10) striped - the journal paper from Heritage kit

      This was a fun and "challenging" challenge! I'm going to try to come up with another page for this one.


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        Mine, it was hard, but I think I got it all!


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          Great pages ladies....really beautiful.
          Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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            Here's a new one....
            Never thought i would use so much pink with a picture of my BOY - but I did. wolvsie - most of this comes from your kits given to us through challenges. Love them too!
            1, 7 & 10) grid paper from last challenge gift and striped is the fruity pink kit papers for backgrounds
            2) black writing and watermelon seeds :0
            3) clip from the original sunset pallett
            4) deocrative button - watermelon button from fruity pink kit
            5) rose from the original scrapbook rose kit
            6 &7) was not sure if the frame counted from your last challenge gift kit, so I also added lace butterflies from Deanne Gowe's belle dentelle kit changed colours to include green.
            8) circle - the fruity button embie from fruity pink kit & the cheerieos thing from the last challenge gift
            9) knotted ribbon on the watermelon button from the heritage kit in the original scrapbook max kit
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            Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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              tin tin....wonderful pages that you came up with..that's why I like this challenge, there is so much you can do with the specific items...great job!
              aloha....Awesome 2 page layouts...I enjoyed the looking at the photo's too...Very stunning!
              Mation....pretty all the black and red, i always thought that was a great color combo....Thanks for joining in...Hope all is well on your end...

              Thanks for all of your participation so far....((HUGS))
              I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                Thanks for the challenge Michelle! It was really a challenge for me trying to find all these items.

                Grid = grid Shape from Fiona Storey
                Something black = black decorative button
                Clip = Tutti kit from Fiona Storey
                Decorative button = black button
                Rose = rose and rose paper from Petite Rose Tea Party kit from Kirsten Smit
                Something lacy = lace from Perfect Pink kit by DGO
                Circle = circle frame from Perfect Pink kit by DGO
                Something green = leaf from March Mega Kit by Crafty Scraps
                Something knotted = two ribbon bows
                Something striped = striped ribbon bow

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                  Here's another effort. This really was a tough one, but I love a challenge! I used mainly Carena's My Beach kit. The clip was from Baby Brother (recoloured) and the rose is from Country Rose (recoloured).

                  Grid - large net
                  Black - text
                  Clip - hanging photos on the net
                  Button - corner of large photo
                  Rose - under button
                  Lacy - white netting in the corner (I hope it qualifies... reminded me of lacy spiderwebs)
                  Green - leafs in photos
                  Circle - clock behind photo
                  Knotted - rope net and picture frame
                  Striped - heart buoy

                  I'm not super thrilled with this one, only because it looks too busy. I took out some of the elements for my own page and I liked that result much better. But this one satisfies the challenge, so here it is!
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                    Here's mine. Not too sure about background colour. I used embies from the Grad Rose and when I originally downloaded I didn't add the designer's name to the file. If anyone can tell who designed the Grad Rose I would really appreciate it so that I can give proper credit.

                    My friends are Smile, Kimmyann ,Marshalynn, wolvsie35 and Nicole


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                      Thank you for the Dear Diary mini Michelle! I was able to use some of the items for this challenge. Here is my 2nd layout.

                      Grid = grid paper
                      Something black = decorative black fabric button and journaling
                      Clip = clip on tags
                      Decorative button = fabric black button and striped square button
                      Rose = fabric rose
                      Something lacy = border lace
                      Something green = string, ivy leaves, and tags
                      Circle = circle frame
                      Something knotted = sting and bow
                      Something striped = paper shape and striped square button

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                        Okay here is another. Ironically the only thing I had to get somewhere else was the roses. Those are from the original I love you kit - aside from that absolutely everything is from Deanne Gow Smith's Black leather kit.
                        Grid is background, black is everywhere, clip holding the clusterwith roses, decorative buttons everywhere, lacey is on the end of the leather tag, green is the clip and the writing, circles everywhere, knotted in the tie of the tag, stripped is the frame. All there
                        Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                          Finished this one using Michelle's All About Chocolate kit.

                          1) Arrow from kit.
                          2) Titling made with AshcanBB font and outlined with green.
                          3) Striped hinge from kit.
                          4) Button holding down tied string from kit.
                          5) Rose made with kit paper and mask from The Ephemeral Victorian.
                          6) Lacy ribbon recolored from kit.
                          7) Alphas from kit recolored and also titling outlined.
                          8) Opening in frame and brad from kit.
                          9) Knotted string from kit.
                          10) Paper and hinge from kit.

                          Hardest part was adding a rose to the layout.

                          Easter Baskets

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                            Great layouts everyone! Have a fun and safe Memorial weekend! Here is my 3rd and final layout, I think! Thanks again for the challenge Michelle. This was a lot of fun!!

                            Grid = background paper
                            Something black = girl silhouette
                            Clip = gold paperclip
                            Decorative button = pearl button
                            Rose = pink rose
                            Something lacy = border lace
                            Something green = leaves
                            Circle - frame
                            Something knotted = ribbon bow
                            Something striped = veins on butterfly


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                              First, everyone's looks amazing so far!

                              Here is my attempt at this, was definitely 'out of the box' thinking for me .

                              Something with a grid (papers in background as well as bow at top)
                              Something black (the paper shapes behind flowers)
                              A clip (two on each side of paper behind photo)
                              A decorative button (the reddish ones going down sides of paper shape)
                              A rose (those are obvious also from the country rose kit)
                              Something lacey (Under flower clusters)
                              Something green (papers and leaves)
                              A Circle (the lettering and shapes behind papers)
                              Something knotted (under photo and at top)
                              Something striped (papers)