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Challenge Sep 17, 2006 (SKETCH INSPIRATION)

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    First entry in challenge for me

    Thanks for the great weekly challenges. This is my first attempt at them - not through lack of enthusiasm - more lack of time. Am currently putting together a recipe book in my spare time (Ha, ha). Like that is easy with 3 girls! Anyway, it is nice to be inspried by all the fabulous work that goes on this site. Thanks to you all.

    Anyway, here is my work - hope you like it!
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      My entry

      Here is another page from my RI Reunion album - designed with this challenge in mind. Maye I'll do pages for each challenge!


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        I added stitching to my layout, making it look more finished.


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          speaking of mommadoodle...

          thie week's gift will be a template from her!

          Please visit my SBM store!


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            Did not like my first one so did it again lol
            Happy scrapping !


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              Here is mine:

              Hopefully, I got this right. This is my second time to post on this site and I hope I am getting it done.

              I love everyone's work. I made my first ever embellishment tonight...I cut the lily from one of my photos and used it....This digital scrapbooking is so different than paper....

              It seems like everyone has so much time....I have only been looking at the postings since this weekend and I can't keep up!

              My CD for the extras should be coming in the mail anyday. I appreciate what I have been able to download from the site!
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                My first challenge!

                Ok, here goes...this is my first challenge and the first page I've posted.
                Oh, I hope I do this right! It was so much fun to do.


                I must say - there are some very talented people on this forum!
                I enjoyed looking at everyone's pages and found myself getting inspired with more ideas!!
                Awesome job everyone!!


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                  Have a layout in gallery I want to put into weekly challenge but not sure how to add link. Any help??


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                    Originally posted by ghoward View Post
                    Have a layout in gallery I want to put into weekly challenge but not sure how to add link. Any help??
                    When you are looking at your page in the gallery look at the top of your browser. You will see an address that begins with "http://".

                    You want to highlight that address and select Edit-Copy from your browser menu or hit the CTRL + C keys on your keyboard to copy the address.

                    Now when you post a reply here click on the insert link button (the one that looks like a little globe with a chain link). A popup window will ask you for the URL of your link. Hit the CTRL + V keys to paste the address you previously copied into this popup and click the OK button.

                    Hope this helps.
                    If I slip and fall please get a hold of crops2dawn or OnieRN to pick me back up!


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                      Thanks so much for that poppabob. never thought to look there.

                      I am a novice at this but thought I would give the challenge a go.
                      Nothing ventured nothing gained and all that. Enjoyed doing so much I added more pages. Scrapbook MAX and this forum is just the best.

                      Here is the link to my layout



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                        Here's mine:


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                          Week 3 Challenge: SKETCH INSPIRATION

                          Here is my very first entry in any challenge..had fun doing the LO
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                            If I'm doing this right, here's mine.


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                              Thanks to all who have participated so far! I will be sending out ytour gifts this evening and posting a new challenge.

                              If you still want to participate - there's still about 10 hours left!

                              Please visit my SBM store!