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The Groove August 2011 Freebie Challenge

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  • The Groove August 2011 Freebie Challenge

    Welcome to The Groove's Monthly Freebie Challenge!

    Each month, a featured designer offers a great freebie mini-kit and issues a scrapbooking challenge.

    All you need to do is download the freebie to make your challenge pages. Then, create a layout (or layouts) that steps up to the challenge, upload it to the

    Groove Newsletter Challenges gallery and post a link to your layout in a reply to this thread.

    Details about this month's freebie and challenge are below.

    This month, designer Katie Castillo is sharing a sweet summer freebie with you - with a juicy watermelon theme! Simply click on the .smb file to download, choose save, then double-click on the saved file to import it into Scrapbook MAX!. You'll find the items under Object> Embellishment and Backgrounds (go to Page> Settings, and choose Background Image and Select).

    The Challenge:

    Summer time means summer treats - scrap a layout using a picture featuring someone eating something that makes us think of summer (ice cream, popsicle, bbq, etc). If you don't have any food pics - use your favorite outdoor shots!

    Thanks for the great kit, Katie!

    * * * *
    Be sure to check out the August 2011 issue of The Groove. Get all the details about the incredible new Summer Vacation Expansion Pack for Scrapbook MAX! 2.0, and learn how you can save bigtime!
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    I guess I will be the first brave one - it is not even August yet for me lol.
    thanks for the mini kit Katie - it is gorgeous!!!!
    Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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      Beautiful. Makes me long for summer (it is still winter here). I made a page to remind me how my grandson enjoyed summer.


      • #4
        Decided to make another one - can't leave out other grandson! Lol!

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          great job Inasmith.
          Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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            Great layouts tin tin and inasmith - love the summery pics!

            thanks for the kit Katie - it's cute, fun and beautiful!



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              One of my favorite summer treats are margaritas. We made up a few batches while camping last month. Yummy! (The kids had the non-alcoholic version, of course!)


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                Thank you very much for this super nice kit !


                • #9
                  Love this kit and challenge! Thanks!


                  • #10
                    Thanks Katie!! Love the kit



                    • #11
                      Wow I love this one!!! How did you get the picture onto the background paper? It is beautiful!!!


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                        Hi KellyJolene,
                        Thanks! I think it's called an 'overlay' not really that up on the scrappin' lingo - I learn as I go, but it's super easy to do. Take your picture, make your eraser really transparent and soft, erase all the edges, then go to settings of your picture and just play with the transparency bar until you get the effect you want. Try it! Carena taught me how to do it - if you look up some of her LO's you might get a better idea, she's got it down to a fine art!! LOL I love all her LO's.


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                          Hey Kel - the question is - who's kid is that? I do not recognize them? lol. Great layout!
                          Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                            LOL, Tina, I knew you'd pick up on that one!! Truth is I didn't have a picture of my children eating 'summer time' food, so I googled 'eating watermelon' and this cute kid popped up, so I used him!! LOL


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                              OOPS! sorry to let the cat out of the bag. It is a great picture, and a great layout Kel. Really is.
                              Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within