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Designer Monthly Challenge - September 2011 - Hosted by Fiona Storey

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    Originally posted by cheesepiece View Post
    I really like your layout makeyesup. Nice.
    Oh me too! Those radiating lines just make your photo pop right off the page. Nice job!


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      These are amazing.. I want to play (in my best whining 2yrs old voice as I stomp my feet on the ground!) My stupid computer crashed and I'm DYING here without my beloved program!!
      I like all the new pages, but I love seeing the original one's changed up with shapes - totally cool!


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        Here is my entry. I have been slacking and need to do better at this. Its great to see everyones pages again.


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          Wonderful pages ladies.

          Frannieanne - good to have you back. You have been missed. Hope you got your canning all done and can come play with us again.

          Grannywin - my pics are Frannieanne and her sisters. I loved the pics. Of the 6 sisters, I have worked with and known three of them for many many years. I love the fun in them.

          Maureen, wow, you certanly did pick a great shape. I had fun scrolling the screen up and down across your page. It comes to life. Great shape.
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            Thanks Linda, all I have left to do is bread and butter fpickles. I used most of it myself for winter, but I used some as gifts for christmas. I am giving some to MJ for her birthday and christmas. I am glad to get back I need to focus more on this instead of facebook.


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              sorry I've not been around much this Bi-Polar kicked in, never a good thing and best if I stay away from people as I get a tad over emotional!

              Fabulous page Frannie

              If anyone would like to do a part 3 of this challenge here it is......

              Part 3

              using shapes, paperscraps (faded embellishments) I'd like you to make a background to share here

              knowing that some designers can get funny about how you use their paperscraps I would suggest you start with basic plain colour paperscraps (if in doubt check with the person who designed the papers)

              I personally am more than happy to let you use any of my paperscraps in this challenge

              lets see how many of you can design in scrapbook max

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                K, I've never created pages and never posted anything but a here goes nothing
                some of them turned out more template looking than a page.. obviously I'm no designer..but I had fun playing around with them.. Thanks for getting us to think outside the box again Fionna!
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                  K, so I figured I'd put myself to the true test and actually USE one of my above papers.. Not too shabby if I do say so myself! LOL - Seriously shocked the hell out of myself that I was even able to do this.. Thank you so much Fionna for teaching us this new trick!


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                    I am working on step 2, then I will do 3. Sorry I am a little behind. I love all the designs and ideas everyone comes up with. You are all so creative.


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                      K it's official, I'm getting zero work done today!! LOL


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                        and another one.. K, I'm not gonna use the last one.. I'm not feeling "summery" enough to do a summerish feeling LO today! LOL


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                          thanks for this challenge Fionna. Here's my attempt at the papers.


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                            I did not know how to post these so I made them into smaller pictures and joined them together hope this is OK fonzzy
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                              I think if I had read then I would not have had to repost as an attachment

                              PurplePaper1.jpg PurplePaper2.jpg PurplePaper3.jpg
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                                Wow, I'm totally using these pages girls!! Thanks for sharing They are great