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Designer Monthly Challenge - January 2012 - Hosted by Sandrine Boarqueiro

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  • Designer Monthly Challenge - January 2012 - Hosted by Sandrine Boarqueiro

    Hello everyone!

    and Happy New Year! All the Best for 2012!!!

    So I'm hosting the Designer Monthly Challenge for January.

    I'll come back here soon with all the instructions for this challenge.

    KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store

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    looking forward to seeing it

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      So I’m back this month for a new challenge and I have the pleasure to host the Monthly Designer Challenge.

      I’d like to offer you a challenge quite different from what the ones you use to do. For January I’d like to offer a challenge for any SBM users as well as the beginners… that’s why I’d like to focus on a specific feature of Scrapbook MAX! Well, I hope that you’d like the idea… as the goal is also to give some tips to use more efficiently Scrapbook MAX! and to take profit of all of its great features. No, no… I don’t mean that I know Scrapbook MAX! better than you :-) but I think that today I have a good knowledge of the tool so if I can share my knowdelge of it, why not :-) FYI – I work in the software area so I’m used to use many different kind of software tools. So come back to our challenge J

      STEP 1 - Customizing a paper with the caption texts

      So as you know Scrapbook MAX! offers rich text features. You can add caption text, journaling text as well as ribbon text (click on the menu Object in the main bar to display the sub-menus).

      You can apply many settings on the “TEXT” object like shadow, transparency, outline, etc. To access to all these properties, double-click on the TEXT object with the design space (ie your page)… then a dialog box appears. This dialog box is composed of 2 tabs: Settings and Advanced.

      So this feature allows you to make very creative pages!

      For instance you can “customize” a paper (which in the background or not) with text. The result can be quite interesting. I show you:


      On this page I have used the Caption Text feature.

      I have used the Caption Text for each wording: Christmas Eve, Christmas tree… And I have set a different font, a different spacing of character (see the tab “Advanced of the Caption Text Properties dialog)… and set a transparency of 75… so the text is “like merging” with the paper. I have set the same angle for each text. Press the tab A on your keyboard to set the angle (a dialog will appear on which you can type the angle). From my side the value was 348 ie the same angle than my photo. Once I have set all of my texts I have selected all of them and group them… so instead of having multiple objects I had an only one… and then I have grouped my Text object as well as the ochre paperscrap together.

      It’s better to use a plain text for a beautiful result. So you can use this technique for customizing a paperscrap or a background paper.

      OK. Now you know everything on how to do, so it’s time for you to apply this technique.

      I will then ask you to create one layout. Here are my instructions:

      - Choose a theme between Christmas and Winter.
      - Customize either the background paper or a main paper scrap of your page with caption texts. Choose wording related to your theme.
      - Add one or two photos but the total space of the photos shouldn’t represent more than 50% of your page.
      - Add a title to your page which will be composed of 3 caption texts with different font… and add a shadow to one of the caption texts. Once done group your title.

      Look at the title of this page as an example...

      Title: Dévorer à pleines dents la volaille

      Promo_NoelEnRougeEtBlanc - Reveillon_Jour_An.jpg

      If you play with different fonts in your title you will get very beautiful "word arts".

      So now let's go...

      And you have noticed that I've mentioned Step 1... so there'll be a Step 2 :-)


      P.S.: About the credits:
      Page 1: Reindeer Village Kit
      Page: Noel en Rouge et Blanc Set 2
      KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store


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        Is this what your looking for Kapi?



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          Yes, for the title.
          No for the customized paper. You should get a paper with plenty of texts... So that means you can repeat the same text. Look at the page 1 as an example. You should have the feeling that the paper and the texts are an only one file. I'm on the Blackberry. Tomorrow I could post another example of page.

          Please note the page 1 shows the customized paper and the page 2 the title.

          Let me know if you need clarification.

          KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store


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            I gottcha!! More text words on the paper


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              KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store


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                Kapi, I described my Vacation

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                  Nice page!
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                    So to be sure that my explanations are enough clear, I have made one page for the step 1.

                    So here is my original paper... which looks like this:


                    and now look at my page:

                    Promo_ReindeerVillage - Page 2.jpg

                    Top left side: my title
                    And the customized paper: paperscrap just in front of the background.... I have added caption texts....

                    Credit: Reindeer Village kit...
                    KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store


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                        Nice page Fonzzy!

                        Please for the next persons who will join the challenge try to add many texts on your paper... I'd like to have the feeling that the pattern of the paper is in fact many TEXTS :-)


                        So next one? :-)
                        KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store


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                            Great Letha! It's exactly what I wanted to see :-)
                            KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store


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                              Will try when I can think more clearly and that isn't tonight.
                              Kim Goodman

                              Proudly CT for Kapiscrap & Art and Digi Cyber Scraps