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Moonbeam's Mid Month Challenge - Jan 2012

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  • Moonbeam's Mid Month Challenge - Jan 2012

    Welcome to my first Mid month Challenge Guys- let's get scrappin'

    Seeing this is the first Mid Month Challenge for 2012 , as a bonus to get the year off to a great start I have made a full size kit for you to download - This time Every body IS a winner because you get a FREE FULL SIZE KIT just for taking Part - PLUS there will also be a chosen winner and a prize at the end of the month!
    THE Prize will be a FREE kit /or Template of your choice from my store (I will send the winner a free download)

    Seeing I am new to hosting the challenge I don't know how winners are usually chosen BUT what I am going to do is this:
    I am going to judge myself what I THINK is the best layout ... I will be looking for most inspiring/moving/heart touching/cute/ page , as well as quality of layout style. This is probably dangerous because I might get hate mail for not choosing what someone else thinks is the best LOL BUT please don't get hurt feelings over this fun exercise!... The winner will only be the best in my opinion ( hey and maybe it's the mood I'm in that is the decider) .. BUT I get to choose!!! (I promise no nepotism... I wont be focusing on names just the page) Hey! You know the age old adage.. The judges decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into LOL

    I'm going to be hosting the Mid Month Challenge each month now and thought it appropriate that the very first challenge for 2012 is this:
    • Tell us about YOUR CHALLENGE in Life!
    1. Download my kit & MAKE a page layout from it about YOUR challenge in life ( past, present or future)
    It can be anything

    • Raising Children
    • Weight Loss
    • Graduating
    • Happy marriage
    • Gardening a bare plot
    • Losing a loved one
    • Health problems
    • Sports get the picture... The challenge theme is up to YOU - anything at all!
    Sometimes pages we post on Max have journalling directed to others here on the forum... E.G. "This is my friend's wedding we went to on the weekend" thats NOT what I want - I would like to see yo tell a "story"in your journalling!Names places times, why where when what How!
    • I WANT TO SEE JOURNALLING that is heartfelt and directed to present & future generations of your family - In a way that describes the situation clearly for all . So If your great great great grand child read it they would "know you"..... Describing the situation as if you were writing a story.....Let the FEELINGS rule the journal text... YOU CAN USE A POEM IF you want
    • Also just for this exercise the challenge can be fictional...I just want to see excellent journalling!
    Being a full KIT you obviously don't have to use all of it - just choose your bits...there should be a variety of presentations from the participants seeing there is a lot in the kit
    You can submit 1 page OR as many pages as you like

    • Use a photo showing your challenge
    • You can add your own embies - if you want
    • ****Must have Journalling about your challenge in life
    • You can submit 1 page OR as many pages as you like
    Put on the thinking caps and off you go! I can't wait to see your entries.

    Click this link to download the full size kit for the challenge
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    Heres a sample to make it clearer what I am looking for : same page one wrong with too simple journalling and the other RIGHT with a story told about how I feel


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      Deanne, I think that is a brilliant start for your challenges You chose a great topic! I think for most of us we are so use to making this about others, that this will be a challenge for most of us. Now off to make my layout
      Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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        Thank you Deanne for a wonderful challenge! I agree with tin tin. We too often do not scrap about ourselves and this is so important for our future generation.


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          Thanks Deanne, for this Beautiful Kit!!! Love the Colors!! Hope this is what you was looking for.
          I didn't know if I was gonna make it through all the Stress this Storm Created!!! I did and it Made me a Stronger Person, and Helped me to See Life in a Different way



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              thanks so much girls, - I'm not focusing on names just what you present.. and wonderful pages.. you've got the idea!
              Little did I realize I'd be touched from the very first entry.. I got goosebumbs reading about going thru the hurricane!.
              And thought of Noah and how he must have felt when he saw the very first rainbow after God's Promise .
              Keep ém coming!


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                Thanks Deanne!! I knew at that moment, when I saw the Rainbow, no matter what was coming my way due to that storm, I was going to beat it


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                  Sipping my cup of tea, 8:30a.m. and bawling my eyes out!! What a wonderful LO Kimmy Ann.. Both are great, but the rainbow after the storm was it for me.. there go the tears!
                  This is going to be an emotional thread for sure!! Great challenge Deanne. Love the kit as well! There are so many of you in here that have had such life changing ordeals, and struggles daily.. I know only from reading the threads and being part of this group for over a year now..
                  I foresee a lot of pages in for this challenge as well as some "healing" going on... It might do us good to journal our challenges!
                  Kel xo


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                    Kel, We all have challenges. Some small or some large, some due to things we have control over, some due to Mother nature, or other's bad decisons. We can All Over Come.
                    With friends like we have here with the Scrapbookmax Family, we have support and that is what helps us Over Come

                    That Rainbow was my Relief!!



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                      Wow Kimmyann! I am speechless. Reading both of those layouts brought tears to my eyes. I could not even imagine what you must have been feeling during those hours of that hurricane. God is good! I am thankful every day for all the blessings he gives.


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                        Thank you for this wonderful challenge Deanne. What is the name of this beautiful kit?


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                          Whew, this was tough! I have always had a problem with expressing myself with words. Thanks Deanne for challenging me


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                            I don't know what happened to my computer must be playing tricks....

                            oops, there it is and now I don't know how to get rid of this post...sorry ladies!
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                              Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! Great - Beautiful Layouts Diane and Letha!!!