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Scrappin' Challenge 69

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  • Scrappin' Challenge 69

    Hi everyone.....It's time for a new challenge, and this one will be focused on US~YOU....
    As scrappers, we are often the people taking the photos so we are not in too many of them.
    This challenges is for US.. to share somethings about US.
    Photos with US in them, Things we like to do, .. that's right, this time it's all about YOU.
    No freebie to start...I want you to use freebies or store bought kits from this community. (Remember to give proper credit on everything you used...k?) Try to name 4 things about yourself on your layout too...we can learn something about all our friends on here....So don't be shy...<wink>
    There will be prize and flair button for you at the end of the week for participating...Make sure you upload your page to the gallery and then here, in this thread...Have fun with this one, can't wait to see what everyone comes up with...((HUGS))
    I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!

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    This is a wonderful idea.


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      I don't understand why some of these pages that upload are more blurry than others??

      Anyway here is my entry.

      The kit I used was kapiscraps Forever Adorable.

      Thanks Michelle for another fun challenge!


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          I forgot to write about myself so I did another one



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            Fonzzy.... I just love way you come across. You seem to throw happy at everything. Everyone should have a Fonzzy in their life. Plus I adore your name, as it is my youngest daughters name.

            Wench...Talented and creative, we have seem some great pages and amazing photographs from you....and I detect a great sense of humour from you too.

            Lovely pages ladies.


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              Lovely pages Fonzzy!

              Thank you so much chesspiece...I'm blushing :-D


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                I had to use a wedding photo as a photo of me on my own is rarer than hens teeth. I don't like the camera, and avoid having pictures taken at all costs.
                I used Caren's Natural Breeze for this page.


                Journaling reads.

                I married my partner Kevin after eleven years together three years ago. We have six children and four grandchildren between us.
                I am passionate about music, singing ,playing and listening. I love to write, my thoughts, , poetry, anything that comes into my head.
                Travel. I am at my happiest where it's warm and peaceful, preferably near water, but not a busy beach. I hate sunbathing.
                I love a good book, I read in the bath, and can be in there for hours.
                My family comes first, and I am fierce in my protection and defence of them if I have to be. I'm the lioness, and they are my cub's.
                I say what I think, and I mean what I say.
                I like to think I am a good friend. and a good listener, and I am honest and loyal to those who are my friends.
                And lastly. a sense of humour is vital.
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                  Thank you for your comments and yes I am happy life is to short to be sad I just love mine, and guess what my eldest Daughters name is Donna fonzzy


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                    Oh Fonzzy, I nearly fell off my chair when I read your comment. Imagine that, what a co-incidence with names. You have made my day. Thank you. LOL!


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                      OK here is mine but very reluctantly.
                      I can tell you there are 2 things I hate to scrap
                      1. Pages about ME. Ugh!
                      2. Pages where you have to journal. Double Ugh!

                      Michelle - You so don't know how much I nearly didn't do this challenge. The moment I see it, I groaned and thought OH NO - How could you do this to me? Usually I avoid these type of challenges like the plague.

                      Kit Credits: Always my Love by Carena's Designs - NEW RELEASE - Embelishments will be in store soon.
                      Signed: Reluctant Scrapper
                      Kind wishes from Carena
                      Scrapbook Max Digital Designer
                      Visit me in the store Here also grab my blinkie if you wish.


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                        Here is Mine:


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                          Michelle you were so right when you said that we don't do enough pages about ourselves. It is really funny reading all of the comments and I see a part of myself in each of you ladies. Carena said it right when she said there were 2 things she hated. I am right there with you Carena. But here goes....

                          credits go to Deanne from various kits of hers
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                            Nice page tweety, and a warm welcome to you. Hope you keep joining in the challenges .

                            Carena and Letha... Great pages...

                            I agree its hard to produce pages about ourselves ( I wanted to hide behind a cushion when I posted mine ), but I love this challenge from Michelle, it gives an insight into the people we play with here. I have enjoyed reading everyones journaling and I hope more ladies join this challenge.

                            And Carena your my kind of gal too. Thank you for your comment in the gallery. It's very wecome and appreciated.

                            Letha, you are a warm, kind, gentle soul and I thank you for your recent kindness to me, it means alot.


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                              Beautiful layouts!!