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KapiScrap's Challenge 3

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  • KapiScrap's Challenge 3

    Hello everyone!

    For november I'm coming with a second challenge... as Tweety has suggested me a very interesting idea. Thank you Tweety.

    Here it is....

    1. So for this challenge, you will have to make one (or multiple... if you wish) Christmas card.

    So of course, you will use a Christmas themed kit. Don't forget to give your credits... ie the kit(s) you use to make it.

    2. As it's a card, please don't use a 12 x 12 size... Try to use a more "standard" size for this kind of project.

    3. That'll be great to share all your cards with each other. If you want to share high quality files, they might be "heavy"... so you would have to upload them somewhere to share with each other... or the other solution would be that I grab all the files and make a zip that I could host on my own server... to share with everyone.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: However the cards will be only for personal purposes... as each designer has its own TOU (terms of use) or License Agreement... and you must be careful with them. Please read the terms before sharing your files.

    You can use any of my kits for this challenge; that's fine.

    So I hope to see a lot of people to join this great challenge!!!

    So now you can play... and have FUN!!!!!!!!!

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    Great idea Thanks Tweety and Sandrine!


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      great idea and perfect timing because I need to create and invitation to our Cookie Party. I'll be back!


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        I'm waiting for you :-)
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            Matching Envalope


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              A lovely card and envelope fonzzy. Thank you for participating in the challenge.


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                Kapi Card Challenge

                Nice challenge Sandrine,

                I used the free Card Templatr you uploaded last year to size mine.

                Second card is qp format for your own photo.
                And I have included the envelope.

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                  Hi. I was wondering if someone could send me the card template.

                  [email protected]


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                    Nice card Fonzzy!
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                      Here's the Cookie Party Invite. I used KapiScrap's BAKING MEMORIES kit. I'll be back with another


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                        Here's my greeting card. The background paper is from Deanne's new kit La Marina, the pine is from a freebie from Michelle McCoy. The drawing on the ornament is a drawing that my grandmother did and we put it on ornaments for my family for CHristmas one year.


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                          Tweety you can get the 1/4 fold card and envalope free at templates 1 here at SBM they have other cards there as well fonzzy


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                            Fonzzy could you post the link please?


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                              If you click on forum scroll don till you come to templats 1 click on that, go to page 2 the envalope and card are there by Helen Miller click on thread you can download them for free they have lots of freebys in there fonzzy