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Kaye's Challenge for December 2012

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  • Kaye's Challenge for December 2012

    Thanks Kaye for hosting a new challenge! We're all excited to see what you've come up with for us this time - YAY!

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    All about Backgrounds

    Hi Karin, thanks for opening the thread for me!

    So this month is all about Backgrounds

    Below are 2 background papers I made, by just taking a photo of something in my garden.

    This first one is the blurred image behind a clear photo of a flower. (It's called depth of field, to explain further, when you focus on a flower for instance and you use a zoom lens the background will be out of focus, so it is the out of focus part of the photo cropped)


    This second one is simply a photo of a paver

    Now I just found a kit I thought would go with the colours well and made a LO with them as you will see below

    The first BG paper scrapped

    And the second

    To be continued..........
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      So what I would like you to do is get your cameras out and take a photo of anything you think might make a good BG paper, you will be surprised at what there is.

      And believe me it becomes addictive you will find yourself taking photos of the most crazy things lol. You will be out with friends and you will want to take a photo of something that you can picture in your mind would look great as a BG paper and they will think you are weird!

      Anyway have fun with this and if you really want to add a certain depth and you have photoshop or even you should be able to do it on SBM you can do something like this

      And see how your LO will have that certain something extra

      So I want you to tell us all what your photo was, give us a before and after and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

      I realize this one can be a little time consuming so I will wait patiently :-)


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        Kaye - could you show everyone what the entire photo looked like to start with. I think it will help people understand better. Great challenge.
        Kind wishes from Carena
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          Ok I did think about that will go and find where is it lol

          So this is the first photo, I took a portion that was blurred to make the BG paper, I upped the contrast and brightness to how I wanted it to look.

          The second BG is as i took it

          Hope this helps better
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            Joy!!! Joy!!!! Joy!!!! (I Cheated...... I always take Weird Pictures, because I know I will be able to use them some way )

            Great Challenge Kaye!!!


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              lol, well...I expecta lot then Kimmy :-)


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                Starting Picture (its a UGLY cowboy shirt my Uncle wore.... Yes I took a Picture of the shirt, because I knew it would look awesome in Sepia)

                Finished BG: I Love it.... It turned out just like I pictured

                O Yes Ma'am.... I will Have to do several


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                  That is FANTASTIC Kimmy!! great first start to the challenge!

                  Do I see a book coming with all old photos??? I have noticed a few lately, fun isn't it!


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                    We have been cleaning out Grand Parents house...... We have found ALOT of Family history Photos. We even found a scrapbook from the late 1800's to early 1900's.... So Yes, Ya'll will be seeing lots of Old Photo's, while I get them all scrapped up I did genealogy for years also, so I got Books on top of Books.... I Love the Old photos


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                      Wow Kaye best get my ops better not say that lol dusting off the camera soon as it cools down I will be out there great challenge Kimmy Ann great page fonzzy


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                        Started with this...A TRADITIONAL SCOTCH PIE (ha ha! ..gotta have a sense of humour)

                        Messed about and got this.

                        Added a bit of gauze and colour to this.

                        And finally scrapped to this. I used Kaye's Vanilla Bean Kit. Lovely Kit Kaye and great challenge. Thanks for hosting.

                        Great pages Kaye... and Kimmyann, your page is beautiful.
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                            I used one on top of the other taken from fan and curtains


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                              you ladies are on fire! those are awesome!
                              I love the fan and curtain overlay.
                              The cowboys shirt actually looks okay as a background or paper scrap just like that :P
                              Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within