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Kaye's Challenge for December 2012

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    Yep.... The cracked ground does make a cool BG.... Great Layout Kaye!!


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      Great pages Kimmyann.

      Wench, you last LO is beautiful.

      I have a question for you... well more of a suggestion really.

      Your pages stand out, if you know what I mean...they seem to float, would be a better word for them. Something you do with the shaddowing I think. How's about in the New Year you set up a challenge/tutorial on shadows.

      And thank you for hosting.


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        Thank you Donna

        Hmm you have given me a ....different idea with the use of shadowing, I might start that perhaps tonight, we will have another challenge...yes tonight! I will be out all day today


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          I used a shape on paper to begin.

          I duplicated the image a few times, and dsitorted it a bit and got this. I have repeated the BG in different colours .Embellishments are my own.

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            Great Job Donna!!! That Smile is Contagious; you have to smile back


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              Robyn has smiled since the day she was born...She's such an adorable child and brings so much love, affection and joy to me...Now I know we all love our kid's...BLAH BLAH BLAH!

              Seriously though, I have been so unwell for a while, and she has been such a help to me and never moans although we don't get out, or do as much together as we used to. She's a great bairn!

              Thanks Kimmyann. HUGS


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                She is Beautiful inside and out then!!! God Blesses us with Little Angels!!!



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                  Another great job Donna, and she is a little cutie

                  This challenge is still open until the end of December, I can multi challenge lol


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                    Here is a shot of the side of my Shed (Shape) and a Kiln brick (BG) (from my work craft)

                    The layout of Dad and Aunt Connie.... Frame I made and everything else from various kits (Carena and MH51-Mary)


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                      Cool idea!! Again, you guys are amazing! For the BG I used a picture of the woodpile (taken from the corner of the pic in this LO) blurred it and crackled it, changed the transparency of it and layered it over a wood color.


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                        Another great one kimmy

                        Hey!! Kelly elcome back! Nice job, I like that wood BG paper


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                          Awesome Kel!!! WOW!! She is SOOOOO Pretty!!! Get Your Gun Ready!!


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                            Okay have not done a challenge in a really long time (since May actually I think) and got really motivated with these last two. December challenge number two is coming up when I get a chance
                            I figured I would start off with a tribut to my mommies doggy that passed away recently after mom's wedding this fall. She really was her best friends. And in the tribute the embies are all from Remember me.
                            The background is of a picture of Dew on a branch zoomed in. No Kaye you are not the only one who takes pictures like that

                            and the original picture turned into background.
                            Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                              Thanks for joinung Tin Tin!!

                              And thanks for the story behind the photo and BG paper too, it's very sad when we lose a pet.

                              Great job.


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                                Great LO Tin Tin.... the Lose of a close pet, is just like loosing a family member. Sorry to hear about this.

                                Hugs and Prayers!!