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Kaye's 2nd December Challenge

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    Kaye shouldn't we unclick the Global setting for the flowers? that way the flowers will have the new color and pictures have the Black? Just checking to make sure we will have 2 colors of shadows?

    And Kaye Reads Kimmyann's Mind!!! I was thinking of the Gears or Wheels already!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

    Its sad when Ya'll know me so Well
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      Yes Kimmy uncheck global to make any changes to shadows that you want different! Thanks for pointing that out.

      Donna you might have to reshade your pictures to make them black again. off course this is your page you can leave it if you are happy with the shadow that colour. As I say each page is different and can look ... different with each different shading we use.

      The shadow colouring can be changed at any time, looking at yours again Donna I think it looks pretty good at this stage the tanny colour. The only problem I might percieve is that any elements up against them as we add more can take on a different colour. I originally had my pictures shadowed with the tan colour but ended up making them black.

      LOL Kimmy I look forward to your choice of elements
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        Ok... Here it is.... Thinking Gears Might need to be done too



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          Wench would you mind if I give another helpful tip?

          This is something I have learnt, it might be somewhere in the forum, but I stumbled upon it by trial and error.

          When I am working on a page and I can't get my items just the right size and still stay together here is a helpful tool/idea:
          I go to Edit, Select all; while holding CTRL down, I unclick any item I don't want to be changed. once I have all the items I need to resize together, I right click and select "GROUP". It will put a green box around all items. Now I can resize the whole bunch at the sametime and I can also move the whole group around the page to get it set exactly where I wish. Once you get your items where you want, right click and ungroup. (Works great on Clustered items you have made)

          I did it to this page, just because the wheels made my items be off centered and I made the whole group smaller


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            You go right ahead and give ay helpful hints you want Kimmy!

            I also use the group alot!! I often will make an oversized cluster and then group and scale and rotate accordingly. Another thing it is good for is to make an extra cluster in a corner/side and half off the page, you have already made it around your photo, for instance, so it saves time by just copy and paste and change the angle and in a few clicks of a button you have saved heaps of time.

            I can see your page is shaping up to look pretty good


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              Right gotcha... will sort it out and be back later tonight, going shopping now...thanks.


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                Sorted the shadows out... thanks Kimmy for the tip....

                also the grouping feature is great, I use it all the time. Im making a calendar just now and it's great to group ,copy, paste and change the colour, letter, or number of the same thing while keeping it the right size. Time saver.


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                  Looks Great Donna.... But it Looked Great the Other way too

                  We have challenges to Help learn new things.

                  When I was working on mine, I thought maybe someone else don't know the Group trick, so its good to share.


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                    I played with mine, and changed my wheels to gears/cogs.... I don't like it the gears just don't look right or I don't have any that does....


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                        Wow, you guys have done such amazing LO's! Inspired me to try. Kaye, love the challenge. I went ahead and did part one and part two and took the first part of your December challenge as well all in one.. I used the barn door as my BG paper.


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                          Better late than never, right? Here are my two attempts together.

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                          My friends are Angelwithin, Carena, Daydreamer, Dillie1, Eye. Frannieanne, Granny, Janarae, KimmyAnn, ksd_24_f, Marion, Moonbeam, The FreeSpirit and Wolvsie35


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                            Wow!!! Great to see Ya'll again ..... Great Jobs!!!


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                              All the LO's look fantastic, I love the variation and I like that everyone hasn't used flowers.

                              One thing I have noticed though.....not everyone has made the shadow a soft deep shadow to give it a "floating" look. I will let you figure out who you are

                              Keep them coming I love the way everyone is joining fact youmust be ready for stage 3 then! I will be back soon.


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                                Stage 3

                                Now we want to add some leaves
                                add another kind of flower/wheel/something that fits in with your theme
                                and add 2 elements, but only one of each, you will see I added an envelope and a jar.

                                My stage 3

                                Just remember this challenge is all about shadowing and getting that floating look, it can only be done by getting into the shadow settings section and making the distance transparency and blurring right.

                                There are 2 stages to go!! Hopefully in 2 days I can get to stage 4.

                                I hope you are all enjoying this challenge, I am loving seeing what you all are coming up with and can't wait to see the end results.