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Kaye's 2nd December Challenge

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    Kimmy no one gets sent to the corner in my challenges lol

    Linda your page is looking spectacular and I'm sure you have the settings right, but i THINK, not quite sure, maybe your shadow colour might be too similar to your BG Colour? Because I can't actually see the shadow. So personally what i would do was perhaps do the shadow the same colour as those fronds.. and have to say what a real cute kid to work with!! I don't have kids, but I love taking photos of them because they make such good models and are great to scrap with!

    I really like your LO Kel, but perhaps maybe use the wagon wheel twice, maybe give it a go and see if it works. I actually like the orange in it.

    Well so be it I will try and make a staged challenge every month then!! I'm so happy you are enjoying it.


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      Like this Kaye? I do like two wagon wheels too
      I softened the hue on the orange just a tad.. it's easier on my eyes.. LOL


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        WEll, I would make it smaller and more in the corner, like not show as much of it.....but yes i do like 2.


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          Is this better or to much Fonzzy


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            Love the direction this is all going in. Well done everyone
            Kind wishes from Carena
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              I used Carena's "One for the Boys Kit"
              I love this Kit. It is great with making Lo's with my boys.

              Great Pages everyone. This is a great challenge.


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                Thanks Wendy. I'll go check that out! Fonzzy, love it! Kaye, I'm going back in.. You're right! It does look better smaller and in the corner, more hidden.. blends in better. I won't post it just yet, I'll wait for the next step. Thanks for the suggestions!
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                  Thanks Kaye. I agree, I went with the darkest color of my background paper as you stated, but it really isn't dark enough to get the desired effect. Next stage I will try changing it to see how it helps the shadow stand out more.

                  Everyone is really doing a great job with the different stages.
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                    sorry double post....internet very, very slow atm
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                      Fonzy the Gold starslook great just that little bit bigger

                      Look forward to seeing the adjustments Kel

                      Yeah Linda sometimes the BG paper is too light to work with, I'm sure you will come up with a great solution

                      Are we ready for stage 4??

                      So for this stage I want to see some journalling in the Background, it isn't neccessary to be able to read it, it is just to add something to the LO, in mine I have used the transparency bar and made it faded into the backgound.

                      Also try and add some sticks, not many....notice with mine I have little white flowers and no shadowing at all....but make it fit with your LO, yours might not need flowers, it might need shadowing, post what you do, if you are wondering if it really works, just ask and we will all try and add our thoughts on what WE would do to get it right

                      Only one stage left!!! I am going to be busy with a garage sale over the next few days, but I will possibly be able to come in in a few days and do the final stage...will peek in and see how you are doing, but might not be abkle to post for a few days.


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                        I made some of the stars a bit bigger is that better I just love all of your help and ideas this is such a great challenge makes me put on my thinking cap many more please Kaye


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                          Here is My Stage 4
                          A song is the Backgroud wording Dolly Pardon's Just Because I'm A Woman... My Twigs are DGOs Down on the Farm Barb wire swirls



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                            Part 4...Hmmm... A bit wary of this stage, dunno if I have maybe overdone it?

                            I have added a overlay to the original paper at 95% transparency, flower blossoms top and bottom and some journal text.

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                              Fonzzy the larger gold stars work great.

                              Donna it looks good, maybe fewer twigs will help you feel better?

                              Kaye I just re-read your instructions I shadowed the wire swirls (I thought it said shadow...Dugh!!) I have removed them and you will see after next stage


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                                I don't think it's over done Donna, I think it looks really great

                                Kimmy excellent coming on so nicely

                                Fonzzy the stars even bigger are even better! Nice notes and journalling too.

                                It's going to be a scorcher here today, Rick and I were up at 5.30 loading our trailer with garage sale stuff, we are having it at a fiends house because we live out of town.

                                Just about to head off into work, hopefuuly its cool there!