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Kaye's 2nd December Challenge

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    I think it looks good. Have you tried some of the shadows a bit lighter? that might make your pictures pop.


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      I like it alot Kelly.


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        Okay everyone, here is my attempt at the 4th part.

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          Looking Good Ladies!!! Everyone's LOs are coming along Great

          Thanks Donna, I forgot to mention I made the BG a little darker, it was just too light with all my Sepia stuff

          I am with Donna on the Cold. I live in South East Texas so I don't have to deal with a lot of COLD. When I got in my Jeep this morning it was 29. I will send Kaye 20 cold for 20 hot...... LOL


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            Okay, started step one when step two was already out. got busy, came back to do step two andyou are already on step 4!! wow. hard to keep up! lol.
            Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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              Okay, I loved this challenge, but do not love the way my page turned out, I find it busy, and so I think I might try to do another one. maybe even with different pictures.
              here is step two

              here is what it looks like at step 4....very busy
              Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                KEL I LOVE THE way the leaves are coming out of the barrel, I think it looks great, love the journalling as well.

                Looking great Dianne

                sorry we went so quick tin tin, I might space out the next one so everyone can get each stage in in enough time, everyone was so eager lol

                Tin Tin I think it is the swirly tartan things, I wonder if they were just a plain cream colour, if that would make a difference, with perhaps a touch of green in there, food for thought!

                phew what a day very biusy garage sale but we sold everything except maybe 2 boxes!
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                  I think we are all ready fr step 5..the last one!

                  I will come back with the details in 10 minutes

                  OK! what I want you to do in this 5th and final stae is to:
                  Add a little strip of detail to the background, if you look closely at mine I have some little pastel coloured hearts, they aren't shadowed at all, but are very insignificantly in the backgound. If I remove them I notice and it lacks something on the page and yet you might not even have realized they were there.
                  *2nd I want you to add some alpha, Bold but not in your face, but blending in nicely with the Background colours. I want you to place it in the arrangement not just on the BG paper where there is some space.

                  *A helpful tool to do this is to get all your letters, arrange them how you want them in a blank space, then group them together and put them to the size you want and place them in the spot you want...this way you can move it ALL around without having to move all the individual letters around.

                  Ok I am excited to see the finished product, oh and feel free to change anything if it doesn't look right too you.
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                    Kaye where is your final picture so I can see what you mean fonzzy


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                      LOL HERE IT IS with a different BG paper, sorry bout that


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                        Here is My Final:
                        I added the Texas Stars (Scattered more than your hearts) I played and Played with this, I tried swirls, cow skulls, seed beads.... Think this was the hardest part for me

                        The Alphas comes from Carena's American Old West (Recolored to stand out in my LO)



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                            Thanks for the challenge Kaye...Here is my final part.
                            Great jobs everyone.


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                              I don't know what happened to my last page!! but i will try again

                              Everyones looks really good! Now I want you to tell me if your page floats? are you happy with the result?


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                                Pretty Happy with mine.... I also tried different background, but kept going back to this one

                                Everyone's Pages Look so Good!!!

                                Donna, Love the Butterflies!! Great Choice