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Kaye's 2nd December Challenge

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    Here's mine. I agree with Kimmyann, everyones pages look really good.

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      They do look really good!!!

      I am going to do another challenge this month if everyone wants one?

      I will be very busy packing, cleaning, moving etc but I can get a challenge in, I can't pack and clean all the time I need breathing time too lol and I do love doing the challenges, so let me know if you are interested, I think you will find it a lot of fun!!


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        Come on with it Kaye!!! I wouldn't want you to not have Breathing Time

        I just enjoying the challenges, Plus it helps keep me entertained. I Love the way each of us seem to do different things with the same Idea in mind. Plus it makes me think out side of my comfort zone, most of the time.


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          Also, I wanted to say..... Linda Love your Final LO.... She is so Cute and your Layout is Perfect. The Hearts are awesome


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            Tried changing the colour of the plaid, it did not do it for me. I did add the light stars as requested of us and wording. I found that on a base, it looked less busy, and now, I am coming around to the layout.

            bring on another!
            Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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              Here's my finished page. Love the results! Thank you for this challenge.. not only did we learn shadowing, but making our own clusters too - it was great! Looking forward to the next challenge.


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                Tina, it turned out great!


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                  Great Job Kel and Tina!! They both Look Wonderful!!


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                    Great page Kelly!!


                    • Thank you!


                      • Great pages great challenge I am learning so much thanks Kaye next please fonzzy


                        • WOW everyones pages ended up magnificant!!

                          Kimmy - This is a very you page lol, but a very well done page, floating, dramatic, and just very well put together, I love the end result

                          Fonzzy - The gold stars add a real sparkle and lift to the page and shadowing is great

                          Donna - I love the addition of those little apricot flowers scattered around, without the shadow, you can hardly notice them, yet if you took them away you would see a difference that is exactly what I wanted achieved!

                          Linda - Your Alpha looks amazing and just melts into the whole page like it belongs, but being bold enough to see it, love the addition of the purple and yellow buttterfly and the hearts blend in so well too.

                          TinTin - Your stars really pop out of the page they look fantastic, also the very subtle ones in the background really add to the whole page too, I really like the end result.

                          Kel - Kel I like this very much, the picture is definately a standout here, it's a great shot, and all the elements go so well with theme of the shot, you have definately go the whole floating effect happening a job well done.

                          Wendy - I know yours isn't finished yet, but it looks amazing already and there is plenty of time to get it finished, I will comment on it when it is done :-)

                          So ok I will get organized and get another challenge underway, hopefully some time today!


                          • Sorry for being late....I just got so much to do.


                            • I'm not going to say a lot on this challenge, except a big WOW. Great instructions, Kaye, wished I could have joined this month as I really like progressive challenges. Everyone did super jobs on their layouts.

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                              • Wendy great final page, I really like the result!.

                                Makyesup!! Don't worry we will do one quite often as everyone seemed to enjoy it! I won't say one a month because I am too etatic for that lol, but at any time during the month I might just say today is the day we start. I can guarantee though that that it won't be until after my move and get over to WA.