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Kaye's 2nd December Challenge

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  • Kaye's 2nd December Challenge

    For this challenge we are going to learn how to "Float" our scrap page, but we are going to do it a little differently, we will do this in stages.

    What I want you to do with this first stage is to

    Choose a BG paper that is natural and then
    choose a photo you have of a person that is kind of dramatic looking and make it sepia by using the SBM software
    Then by using the crop tool take a part of the same photo and put it either side of the main photo and flipping one of them horizontally. ( right click, click effects, flip horizontal)
    Then shadow the pictures using the black shadow set on 20, 31,31
    With the photos either side set the shadows at a different spot so you can see it and that within the whole 3 pictures it kind of surrounds the photos.

    Here is my first stage ( I am using my LO from my other challenge)

    I will give you till Tomorrow time (Australian) then we will work on stage 2 have fun

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    Here is mine


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      perfect WEndy!


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        Thanks Kaye...looking forward to this.


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              Here is Mine!!



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                Now that IS a GREAT BG Kimmyann. Is it cardboard from a box??...Love it. It's a standoutable!


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                  Donna, I didn't make that BG ..... Its from a Kit I have.... But when I seen that I thought, thats for me


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                    Is that you Kimmyann your a good looking sort fonzzy


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                      Yes Ma'am... that picture was taken in 2009..... Thanks


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                        Wow you guys are going great so far!! Some really good photos have been chosen

                        I'm guessing you want stage 2 already then? lol

                        Ok anyone else can join in still you can do the stages together.

                        Ok I will be back with stage 2 in a bit...hopefully! if i don't make it back toinight I will have it ready in the morning


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                          OK I'm back with stage 2!!

                          Again try to stay natural and get 2 different flowers and arrange them around your pictures , my shadows are set on 37,35,41. now I used a tan colour for my colour, I actually used the colour picker tool and chose the darkest colour on my BG to use as my shadow colour DON'T USE BLACK again change the shadows around so you can see them on the top, at the side etc on each different flower.

                          Now for some reason when I have the shadow coming our the top of the flower it seemed too much so I set my shadows at 11.35.41, it's up to you with what you do just make it look right to you, each page is different, but to get the "floating effect" you might want to stay reasonably close to mine.

                          Wendy and Kimmy you might not want to use flowers, because Wendy has a boy in the shot (change if you want to) and Kimmy has an aversion to flowers lol. So maybe use wagon wheels cogs or something, what ever you want I guess! You might notice i use girls mostly in my shots cause I love a good flower lol and I get stuck on boy things!

                          So here is my stage 2, you can see it coming together nicely


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                            Prt2.. I used the first set of denominations as the second wasn't strong enough, or so I thought.



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                              That's looking so good already Donna!