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Kayes 3rd December Challenge

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    I like that font Kimmy, What is it? Nice page too.

    Kaye...Hope the packing and the move goes smoothly, although how you can do it at this time of year I don't know. It would be too much upheaval for me!

    Another page for the Challenge


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      Henry's Font is "Black Rose".

      Love that Picture!!! Great LO!!


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        yes that is a cool page Kimmyann ............ and I see your son is NOT so little.. he's a tall guy!

        and Donna...awesome work.. and I love the photo as well

        Looks like Kimmyanne can take Kayes place while she's in transit....sipping and scrapping!!!


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          Great LO's Kimmy

          Kimmy I'm not sure I will be taking 800 + pictures lol, remember I am driving one of the cars and if I told Rick to pull over every time I saw a potential photo opportunity, he will be leaving me and telling me to catch up! lol However I will make up for it when we pull over for the night.

          I remember when one of our IT fellas at work first got a digital camera, it was only about 13 years ago you know....not that long, I thoiught WOOOOOOOW I will never be able to afford one of those!! Welll at our garage sake we sold 3 of them lol, I kept just my digital slr camera, which I love.

          Dee, we never even really questioned the price of developing too much did we it is all we knew! You rememeber David and Ramona?? Joeys daughter. I took their wedding shots with film, they've only been married for 8 years I think....however we did have a new digital camera we experimented with, the film shots turned out way better.

          Kimmy I LOVE that clock behind Stacey, that is awesome.

          By the way, remember the Kodak camera with the square bulb on top that would only flash 4 times, then had to be replaced. You took a picture, pulled it out of camera, had to time it, and then peel the paper off to expose the picture you took? My Parents had that until I was about 7 or 8, then 35mm started making the scene
          I have no idea about that one! I do remember mum and dad having a polaroid though.

          Things are going down the toilet, Rick read me something this morning that makes you want to vomit down the in a nutshell ..was a certain highly respected person saying that something that is disgusting is actually not so time goes on things seem less and less bad to some.

          I will have to do another challenge...look out kimmy's on vacation!

          Donna we don't do xmas in our it is really quite easy lovely LO too


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            The Old Camera I was talking about, was kinda like the polaroid.... Probably the first one, before the spit it out and watch it develope one. You know how things get better and better

            I will Have to do some of My Map pictures
            It was my first Plane ride and I was nervous!! I really got nervous when I look out the window and saw a fighter jet flying along side of us..... I started freaking, because of 9-11.... Thought something was wrong....


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              Ah old camera's... Found an old film taken on "ye olde Kodak 4 flash bulb Camera". Turned out to be of the wedding of a neighbours daughter in the 70's. In those day's , the Father of the Bride would throw small change out the window of the Bridal Car, for good luck, to all the kid's in the street. We called it a scramble, cos that's what it was...there we were us kid's scrambling around on the ground grabbing every penny we could...ahhh ... those were the day's...all horn rimmed glasses and big BIG hair. Dunno where those photo's went. Must ask my sister if she has scrap of course.

              I'm with Kimmyann on slurping of wine and scrapping...A nice Rose with pyjama's and slippers for added comfort.
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                And a Clink of my glass on the screen Cheers Donna, Wench, and I know Deanne could join in One taste won't hurt!!


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                  LOL...hmm too hot for PJ's and slippers today! it's going to be 38+ F tomorrow, probably hotter where Dee is, it will be shorts and light top and perhaps a strongbow instead of the wine! Salad and lamb chops for tea....and an ice pack from the freezer to keep me cool lol works very well


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                    38+ F ??? would that be Celsius you mean? otherwise I better get my overcoat on LOL...
                    it was 36 degrees here today.. I was out working in the field this morning but after an hour headed home inside for the cool....aaahhh! ducted R/C airconditiong !!!!! Heat? what heat?
                    tomorrow is going to be 40 degees.... outdoor stuff for me then... O darn, I'll have to stay on my computer and play won't I?


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                      Oh to have that lovely aircon!! Yes I meant C not F lol hard say making coffees, must have made at least 200 today!

                      You should see it Rick is outside flying his plane with a new little chick only 2 weeks old on his shoulder lol

                      Me however is sitting insode with fan on drinking some WINE and having crackers and is a hard life.

                      Only 7 shifts of work to go !! yehaaa,until then each and every one of those will be flat out busy!!


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                        I'm getting to know about all of you and the secrets you may or may not have in your closets. You Gals are hilariuous. Here's mine. I used Moonbeam's new Ragazzi Kit. My Font is Coppertone.

                        I am a proud Member of the Following Creative Teams

                        My friends are Angelwithin, Carena, Daydreamer, Dillie1, Eye. Frannieanne, Granny, Janarae, KimmyAnn, ksd_24_f, Marion, Moonbeam, The FreeSpirit and Wolvsie35


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                          Kewl LO Linda!!! Great Job! Love the Font


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                            Had to do just Khloie's name Font Candy Store BV



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                              Love the font Linda and the LO is awesome. secrets here in my closet, bit unsure about Donnas though!

                              I see you are mastering flowers Kimmy, well done


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                                You and Carena Have forced me into it.... I just feel I over do them little Boogers, because I am not frilly!!!