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Kayes 3rd December Challenge

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  • Kayes 3rd December Challenge

    So chalenge #3 in December will be all about Alpha!

    You are going to make your own and it is very easy to do using SBM

    If you dont have any "Fat" fonts it is very easy and free to download some, juat go to google and type in free fat, wide or big fonts and you will find some great ones. These will be the best to use in this circumstance.

    If you are unsure how to add them to your fonts folder in windows here is how you do it.

    Open c drive
    open up windows folder
    open up fonts folder
    then drag and drop the unzipped font you downloaded into the fonts folder and you have a new font ready to use in SBM.

    Now for this excercise I want the alpha to be the star of the page, you can insert it in some embies and it can be a signature, like the one I did, or you can make a whole page and have the alpha in there it is up to you, heck be adventurous, do both!

    So to make your alpha what you need to do is

    select the Add caption to page tool
    Choose the font you want
    Go down to fill then style, using the drop down tool select image/pattern
    Go to select image and a box will appear and I want you to go to browse
    Then your computer will come up and you need to select the kit you have chosen to use and find the background papers (so find the folders where your kits are)*
    So choose a background paper you like and click on it, press ok and it will insert the background in your letter.
    If you want you can go to advanced and make an outline around the font too.

    * If the kit you are using is in your sbm gallery, you will find them in
    My documents - scrapbook max 2 - gallery - images - backgrounds

    The easiest way to make all your letters is to do the first one then copy and paste and change the letter and keep doing that till you have them all.

    Have a bit of fun with them make some bigger, smaller and overlap them.....I don't want to see any all neatly in a row lol spaced evenly.....I will make you do it again otherwise

    So now it is time to go have some fun!!

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    I had this already...I was making Robyn a header for stationary (notelets and writing paper) so I thought I would post it up. Very uniform and straight, I know...will I have to get in the naughty corner?



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      Even thought it's straight, I think it's adorable Donna!
      Here's my attempt. I used the kit "My Beach" Part A & B


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        It's official, I'm getting zero work done today!
        Here's another one. Love their faces, they were clearly not impressed with the ribbons!! LOL We take fun pictures every year and make a fun calendar for the grandparents.. this shot was taken with Valentines day in mind.


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          I am running out the door to go out but wanted to come see what you guys have done....I want to play a bit more too with this one be back maybe tonight!!

          Keep em coming!


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            Be back with signature later today off to Bingo


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              Font is Antsy Pantsy

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                Is this what your looking for....this page reflects how I feel today. Going to the beach having fun and of course Ice-cream!!


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                  SOOOO Kewl Everyone!!! Can't wait to Play.... I won't be able to do this one till maybe Friday.

                  Kel, Love the Girls Faces!! Too Cute!!!


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                    Hi Kaye, my dear Sister! This is a great Challenge!!! You are good at coming up with these instructive ideas... well done... all the years I have had max I would never have thought to do it that way... COOL!!
                    I made this with a new kit I am working on at the moment called POSTCARD

                    ..and Kelly!! Dreaming of the beach are we? Well you cant have it... now go play in the snow... BUT I will think of you when I am swimming and laying on the beautiful beach in the warm sunshine LOL

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                      OK... I couldn't wait!! I will be so Sleepy at work tomorrow... But I had to play with the font Challenge. As you know this is probably just the first one for me... (I will have to do everyone's name)

                      Used One for the Boys by Carena


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                        That's GORGEOUS!!!!!


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                          Thanks Deanne!!! So Glad to See you... Missed seeing you


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                            Aww thanks Kimmyann... it's nice to know I was missed I am glad to be back too


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                              Hi can you tell me how to do the signature what size do you make the page fonzzy