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Kayes 1st January Challenge

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  • Kayes 1st January Challenge

    As promised tonight I bring you a new challenge

    I have made for you a new mini kit as you can see just below

    Dowload link

    Now the rules for this challenge are as follows:

    You must use in the LO 5 Backgrounds
    You must use in the LO 16 flowers
    You must use in the LO either the mask* or frame
    You must use in the LO all the leaves
    You must use in the LO the bird
    You must use in the LO 3 of the additional elements - clock, 2 jugs, bottle, frog, rope
    Your choice as to whether you use the splotch

    You must also make your own word art.

    I want the whole theme to be about goodbyes, as you can see I named this kit after Bordertown where I lived and all the elements came from this town.

    The 2 jugs came from my workplace
    The flowers and leaves came from our garden
    I drew the other flowers and bottle whilst living here
    The frog is in my garden
    The clock belongs to friends of ours that live here
    and the Bird is a photo I took
    also the backgrounds come from various photos I have taken whilst living here

    As we are leaving in about 2 days time you can see why the kit is aptly named.

    I hope you like this kit and have fun with the challenge

    Here is a page I made using this kit, not to challenge guidelines, but just so you can see it

    *You will find the mask in your shapes files
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    WOW Kaye!! This might take me a While But everything Looks so Pretty!!


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      WhenI downloaded this it is not the kit it has no clock etc. It is not titled Farewell but Blooms in spring.

      My friends are Smile, Kimmyann ,Marshalynn, wolvsie35 and Nicole


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        Kaye. Check your D/L .... when I Download it is "Blooms of Spring"


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          Hey Val!!! Glad to See You!! How have you Been?


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            try this sorry about that!!


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              That One is it!!


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                  Pretty Fonzzy!


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                    Love the kit Kaye! It's beautiful. Thank you for the freebie. Fonzzy I just love what you've done with the kit. Really great LO.
                    Here's mine. My daughter's bird Buddy.. sadly he fell ill, but we have since replaced him with a female called Chico, she was a bit harder to train, but she's just as cuddly now as Buddy ever was
                    The rope is hidden on the left behind the flowers.. but it's there for three elements 5 BG's as well.


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                      Wow Fonzzy and Kel, Ya'lls page are Wonderful!!

                      Here is mine.... I am sorry to say, but Kimmyann has more flowers than asked for ....
                      The words are from Carrie Underwoods song.



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                        Really cute pages everyone!
                        Kelly I am glad you explained, cause for a minute there I thought your bird was dead, but I guess it is the replacement that I know lol.
                        Can't wait to play!
                        Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                          Beautiful job every one!!!

                          Kimmy lol you found where I lived great job! and out of everyone YOU used more flowers, cool we are doing a good job on you hehe


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                            Love it Kimmy Ann! Also love Carrie Underwood Great page


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