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Kaye's April pictureles challenge

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  • Kaye's April pictureles challenge

    We all know that you can make wonderful scrapbooking LO's using scrapbook max, with pictures.

    But Scrapbook Max is so much more than that. I want to see what you can make using the SBM software that doesn't involve making a LO revolving around a picture. I want it to be pictureless! Off course you can use embellishment pictures.

    So what are some examples?
    Have a look at some things I have done in the past.

    I put this up at work to try and sell some eggs

    This is obviously a thank you card

    - an invitation to a brunch a few of my friends and I are having for some older friends of ours

    I want you to do as many as you want, do lots of different things, it doesn't matter if someone else has done it, just let your imagination run wild.
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    - A garage sale sign that was stuck up in local pin up boards

    and this one is a pillowcase, made at one of my favourite sites that makes a lot of things like....pillowcases with your design on it.

    Thank you KimmyAnn for the idea!


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      I dunno if I fully understand... but here is my effort. I hoped to involve this in a LO but it is a pic to me, that i can't fit in a LO.


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        sorry I didn't explain it clearer Donna...and you were extrwmwly fast!! lol

        What I was trying to say is that you can use the SBM software in so many different ways, or for many uses. it doesn't have to be a typical LO that we usually do with a photo of something.

        What I am asking is that you use if dor a specific purpose eg: you might think I need a card for a wedding I am going too....I can make one on SBM

        I need to make up a sign for a garage sale....I can make it up on SBM

        Is that clearer?


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          i have been confused here.. you have challenged my wee brain. I will come back and get it hopes?? after I see what the rest of the gang produces.


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            Generally Donna we make a layout using a photo of kids, people, flowers, landscapes etc etc and scrap around that photo, the photo is the purpose for which we have made the LO. Have you made other things using the SBM software? And if you haven't what do you think you could make...

            It's all I've got Donna lol I can't think how to explain it any other way!


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              ahhh Yes Kaye much clearer confusious say. I will be back with some sort of effort. Can I comment that your challenges are like a *** (smoking) addictive !!!! I love what you throw at us, and I am happy that you are here. Luv ya hon!!!!


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                Thank you so much!! it is appreciated what you say and I am glad you enjoy them :-D


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                  Like this one? I made Amy a Tinkerbel blanket the other day.


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                    Thanks lovely, I bet she loved it.


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                      Awesome Kaye!!! I bet this will show everyone SBM is not just for Our Pictures!!! It can be for Party Decorations, Cleaning out our Closets and Garages for a Lawn Sale, etc.

                      I will Post when I can.... these Long Hours and 1 day off messes up my SBM time!!!!

                      You Go Girls!!! Wendy, Love the Blanket Idea.... I have doing some Old Photos to Transfer to Quilt Squares for a Memory Quilt for My Family!!! I will post some when I get a Chance


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                        I know these have Pictures, but its still the samething Your Asking for.
                        My friends wanted to have it personalized to Baby J.

                        The invite I made for them using SBM

                        Candy bar wrapper


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                          By the way, I tried to remove the lines on the candy bar wrapper, but they wanted it as a Guide when folding..... She said her Hubby needed the guidance or he would mess it up LOLLOLLOLOOLO


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                            I have made several Posters for my Office walls



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                              You can design stickers (my world "Construction") we call them Hard Hard Stickers